Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Healthcaptor as the owner has set certain criteria based on which acceptance of the guest blog post
would depend:
  1. Every author is expected to submit unique and original content with an innovative writing
  2. The submitted guest post must not be plagiarised as the content would then be rejected
  while the author would be marked as unacceptable.
  3. The content submitted might hold mentions of facts and figures from the real world for
  which specific references or sources must be cited clearly for authentication.
  4. The author must not include any affiliate links in the content to avoid blog rejection.
  5. The author must not include any advertisements in the content for personal benefit as the
  content might be rejected.
  6. The images used in the content must not be copied or stolen from a verified online source.
  Apart from the above criteria, Healthcaptor is also particular about carrying out certain checks on
  the submitted guest post:
  1. The owner would be checking for the author online in case Google has marked the individual
  as a spammer. In that case, the author would be denied any submissions.
  2. The owner would carry out checks for any personal links entered by the author in the
  content. This is because no redirection to a personal profile is allowed.
  3. Certain content depth checks would be carried out for appropriate word length, relevant
  facts and information, and proper content structuring.
  4. The owner would carry out checks for appropriate use of keywords, their frequency, and
  quality for google ranking.
  5. The owner would carry out checks for images to see if they are original. If found to be copied
  or stolen, then they will be rejected. Also, if some third party takes action due to their stolen
  image, the author is liable to handle the same.
The terms mentioned above must all be checked thoroughly before submission. There are also
certain conditions that the owner has set:
  1. Once the guest blog has been submitted, Healthcaptor would be the sole owner of the blog
  content and not the author. It is up to Healthcaptor to mention the author.
  2. The author is allowed to market the blog anywhere and showcase the blog link as one of
  their portfolio elements.
  3. Healthcaptor may or may not choose to add any affiliate in the blog content while
  4. The author is not liable for any compensation on the blog submission from the owner.
  5. A basic fee would be charged for every guest blog submitted. This fee is non-refundable
  whether the content is approved or not.
  6. Healthcaptor is a platform willing to showcase the author’s work to the world but does not
  guarantee the remarkable reach and great audience at any time.
  7. The author can modify the blog in any way or add and delete sections as applicable before
  the final publication process to improve upon it. The author is not liable for any such task
  but may request edits after publishing in case any error is found.

  8. Healthcaptor may be willing to provide one place where a certain link that gives minimal
  information to the author is mentioned. This is possible mostly in case the author is an
  influential personality on social media.
  9. The author is in no way a member of the company. He/she only holds the right to make
  submissions of the guest post.