Cold and dry winter air doesn’t just wreak havoc on human skin and hair. Winters can be equally drying for dogs, even though dogs have coats to keep them warm. Especially during the peak of winter, dog owners start to notice that their dogs coat is dry and brittle. Winter air is dry and while humans can use various lotions and moisturizing products on our skin to prevent dryness, the same can’t be done for dogs. This is why it is essential to take necessary measures to prevent your dog’s fur from getting dry and brittle during winter. So keep reading because winter is right around the corner and we are doing to tell you how you can keep your dogs fur healthy and shiny during winter. 

Supplement Your Dog’s Diet With Pet Vitamins & Supplements  

Pet vitamins & supplements are a great way to fulfill the nutritional needs of your dog. During winters, when your dog’s dietary needs are increased, giving your dog supplements and dog vitamins for skin and coatcan help prevent fur dryness. By adding vet recommended dog vitamins and supplements to your dogs diet, you can boost your dog’s natural defense against the drying effects of the winter air. As we mentioned above, the most significant cause of dry and brittle dog coats during winter is the lack of moisture in the air. By adding fatty acids such as omega-3 found in fish oil supplements, you can give your dog the necessary fatty oils to maintain their healthy skin. Keep in mind that not all dog supplements are the same so make sure you buy them from a trusted company such as International Veterinary Sciences. Fatty acids found in fish oil are also effective against allergies, which are common during winters.  

Bathe Your Dog Less Often And Use A Moisturizing Shampoo  

Dog baths should be kept to a minimum during winter if your dog suffers from coat dryness in cold weather. The reason why it is not recommended to bathe your dog often during winter is that natural oils and lubricants are washed away from your dog’s coat and skin during a bath. Your dog desperately needs these natural oils to keep its coat moisturized. So make sure you only bathe your dog when you absolutely have to during winters. When bathing your dog in winter, make sure to use lukewarm water because hot water can further dry your dog’s skin. Use especially designed moisturizing shampoo when bathing your dog in winter. Also, make sure you apply a dog conditioner to your dog to maintain the moisture content of your dog’s coat. 

Keep Your Dog’s Coat Well-Groomed During Winter 

Most dog owners allow their dog’s coat to grow longer because it keeps them warm during winter. Simultaneously, a long-haired fur can get tangled easily and further worsen the brittle, dry coat. This reason makes it even more important to keep your dog’s long hair well-groomed during winter to prevent a brittle and tangled coat. So unless you can get your dog’s fur trimmed to a manageable length, you might have to brush their coat on a weekly or even daily basis. The idea is to prevent tangles from forming in your dog’s coat. 

Keep Your Dog Indoors As Much As Possible   

The final but most important thing you can do to keep your dogs coat from getting dry in winter is keeping them indoors as much as possible. When keeping your dog out for exercise and walks, consider putting a dog jacket on your dog to shield it from the drying effect of the cold winter air. 

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