There are more public than private hospitals in Australia. However, the majority of the population has private health insurance. Although so many Australians still prefer to go to a public hospital. Research has shown that people prefer public healthcare because they believe some of the best doctors are at public hospitals. Both public and private healthcare pretty much offer the same services. They only differ in the quality of service. When it comes to your health, you don’t want to compromise with the quality.

1. Personalised care

Private hospital Adelaide come in many types. From small clinics in your neighbourhood to extensive medical facilities. Depending on your case you can choose which one suits you best at that moment. Additionally, the private healthcare system allows you to choose your doctor. It is easier to see the same doctor every time you visit a private hospital. In a public hospital, you will often see the doctor that is available or on duty at that time.

2. Shorter Wait times

A considerable percentage of Australians get elective surgery done in private hospitals. It is because the wait time is significantly shorter compared to the 36 days average of public hospitals. After an elective surgery in one of the private hospitals in Adelaide, you are likely to have a shorter stay of about 5.1 days. Surgery aside the wait time to see a doctor in a private facility is less than a public hospital. There no long cues, and they have enough doctors.

3. Better medical equipment

Most private healthcare facilities have the latest technology in medicine. It is because they have more funds compared to public hospitals. They can afford to have the best and latest equipment to offer quality service to their patients.

4. Excellent doctor to patient ratios

Private hospitals in Adelaide have adequate staff. The excellent doctor to patient ratio in private hospitals has contributed significantly to have shorter wait times. Additionally, there is no pressure on the doctors because the hospitals are not overcrowded with patients. It is safe to say that private facilities are capable of seeing more patients in a day than public hospitals. You can be sure that you will not leave that hospital without seeing a doctor.

5. Flexible working hours

In the private health sector, you will find even the small clinics in your area open for 24 hours a day. The beauty of this is that that small clinic is well-equipped to handle most if not all small medical emergencies. It means that you don’t have to go too far to get quality healthcare.

6. Better hygiene

Hygiene is vital in any healthcare facility. It is through cleanliness that people avoid infections and the spread of viruses. It is easier to maintain hygiene in a private hospital than a public one. It is because they are less crowded and are adequately staffed in all departments.

7. Good customer service

You are likely to be treated equally with respect in a private hospital than a public one. How you are treated as a person speaks a lot about the people and the facility itself. Excellent service begins with customer care. How you are received, directed and taken care of as a patient is all part of quality healthcare.

8. Distance

The nearer the hospital, the better. Most private hospitals are close to home. Whether it is a laboratory, a clinic, or maternal care, you can access it in the shortest time possible. This makes private hospitals the best option in case of an emergency.

9. Direct communication between patient and doctor

Private healthcare has made it easy for patients to communicate with doctors and nurses directly. It has made monitoring the progress of patients more manageable. It has also enabled the medical personnel to respond faster to any emergencies. Direct communication has also reduced the number of appointments, and customer satisfaction has increased.

Private healthcare facilities are not only beneficial to you but also your family. Private healthcare offers several services, including rehabilitation centres and assisted living. Families that are unable to take care of their elderly can seek the services of any private healthcare suited to their needs. Many assisted living facilities are privately owned. They offer both medical and personal care for the elderly. Such a service can take the pressure off a family, so they can focus on their lives, knowing that their loved one is well taken care of. Private healthcare can be expensive. However, those managed well tend to offer more competitive prices.

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