Avoid sun after hair transplant

The person who has undergone the hair transplant surgery should follow the instructions of the surgeon religiously. This surgery needs personal care for a speedy recovery. Your one tiny mistake will lead to unsatisfied results and wastage of money. At VJC we get an end number of questions regarding hair transplant surgery. And one of the questions is going in the sun after a hair transplant is a good choice or not? Do not worry we are going to give you information regarding this in detail.

Does sun exposure a good choice or not?

Do you know transplanted skin won’t be able to protect you from the exposure of the sun? You should protect your head for a few months after the hair transplant surgery. Chromatophores are present in the skin which will darken the skin due to too much exposure of the sun.

Do you know chromatophores die or become inactive after undergoing the surgery? It takes time for activation. Sunlight goes into the tissues which can cause damage. So the patient should avoid coming in contact with sunlight.

How long should you avoid sunlight?

The surgeon’s advice the patient not to go in sunlight for at least 4 to 6 months after the hair transplantation surgery. The person should not use sunscreen as it will affect the healing process. After 4 months of the surgery, the person can use sunscreen with SPF 30 if he is going outside. If a person will not take care then he has to face some consequences such as discolouration of hair transplant due to coming in contact with sunlight.

What are the reasons to avoid sunlight?

There are some reasons a person should know why it is important to avoid sunlight mentioned below:

  • The hair transplant procedure involves incisions which will make your scalp more sensitive to UV rays.
  • Hair grafts are still in the process of maturity after post hair transplant surgery which does not have the same level of immunity which will lead to damage of the scalp.
  • There are chances of change in colour of hair transplant.
  • The skin around the hair transplant becomes red.
  • Remember steroids will not always work on every person.

What happens after coming in the sun?

If the person will go in sunlight after undergoing the hair transplant. Then he has to face some consequences mentioned below:

  • Dryness
  • Loss of strength
  • Change in texture
  • Loss of shine
  • Change in colour


If you are the one who is facing excessive hair loss and thinking of undergoing hair transplant surgery. Then make sure to avoid going in sunlight after post surgery for the desired results. Always remember to get the best results you should select the best hospital, clinic for oneself. The experience of the surgeon, location of the hospital, skilled staff members are the things you should keep in mind while choosing the surgeon.


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