The market is full of protein supplements crafted for men that leave no choice to women but to use the same supplement. But the supplement industry is changing and taking a scientific approach before designing any supplement. Research has found that women’s needs for fitness and nutritional values are different. Thus, protein supplements crafted for men are not as effective as we thought. Now the market is also creating a place for women protein supplements that are not only good for health but also help them to gain desired fitness results like bulking up, boosting athletic performance, weight loss, tone up, increasing strength, and general fitness.

Here are some types of protein that help women to live fully with healthy life. The below are some of the best protein for women.


Types of proteins

  • Whey protein: This protein is one of the best proteins and also considered as a complete protein source that can be used to promote weight loss, increase muscle growth, curb appetite, and many others. The protein contains nine essential amino acids that helps to instigate the protein synthesis. This is highly digestible protein that is derived from milk. This protein is very helpful to reduce hunger by reducing the ghrelin hormone that stimulates the hunger. Women who are physically active usually tend to damage the muscles, tissues, and cells while working out. The whey protein helps them to recover from injury and fatigue along with increasing the strength and muscle mass. You will find the best quality whey protein in the Just Her Protein that takes care of the holistic health of women.


  • Brown rice protein: if you are vegan and looking for a protein option, you can choose the brown rice protein. Even if you are intolerant to lactose, this type of protein is the best pick for you. The protein is made by grinding the brown and small amount of white rice and then treating it with enzymes which separate the protein from starch. One of the most hypoallergenic types of protein that are easy to digest but it is absorbed slowly than whey protein but faster absorbed than casein protein. Those women who want to improve their strength and endurance with the vegan protein, this is the go to protein for them.


  • Pea protein: This type of protein is very popular among those women who are lactose intolerant or completely dependent on plants for the nutritional needs. Dried yellow peas are used to make this supplement. It consists of hypoallergenic properties that are a very safe choice to those women who experience food allergies. The pea protein powder is an excellent source of leucine, isoleucine, and valine that play an important role in protein synthesis. Generally, women in weight loss regime follow the resistance training and other intense training that lead them muscle break down. The pea protein is an excellent source of protein that increases the metabolism of the body so that they can lose their weight easily by burning the extra calories.


  • Mixture of plant based protein: Usually, a plant contains one type of protein. That is incomplete protein which means they don’t have all the essential amino acids that our body demands. If we combine all these plant proteins together, we will get the rich source of all essential amino acids and boost nutritional values. That can provide us with a number of benefits that our body needs to thrive and recover from muscle breakdown and we will get strong muscles and cells. This mixture of plant based protein contains brown rice, quinoa, chia, flax, pumpkin seed, hemp, and many others.


There are a number of excellent proteins that depend on your fitness goals and dietary preferences. But there are many ingredients in those products that are not good for your health. So ladies pick such supplements that are designed only for women and consist of the nutritions that doesn’t have other ill effects on your body. So pick Just Her protein, your best protein for women as it consists of all the ingredients from the organic and natural sources that understand the needs of your body and help you to get healthier and feel confident.

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