Get to know the consultation fees of private medical consultants

The most important stage of your private treatment is probably getting to see a consultant. This is because they are the ones to diagnose your condition and recommend the best treatment plan for you. Your GP will refer you to the consultant with an explanation of their reasons for requesting the appointment, however, the final diagnosis is made by the consultant.

Consultancy is the highest level specialist doctors attain, and typically takes about 9 years to achieve it, after 5 years of medical studies. Of course, one would expect consultants to be highly trained and experienced. This is true. Their private fees and salary prove this point.

The usual charges for a private consultant

An appointment with a consultant will typically cost between £100 and £250; your location and nature of consultation considered. For instance:

  • Consulting for carpal tunnel syndrome at Spire Healthcare costs £200 at their Thames Valley hospital, but the price is just £180 at their Wirral hospital in the North West
  • A colonoscopy consultation at Thames Valley is pegged at £160. But a back operation consultation at the same hospital is £250
  • Seeing a consultant who is top in their speciality and works at one of the leading private hospitals in Central London may cost you good money, probably as much as £500.

Initial consultation is more pricey than follow-up visits, yet you will have to pay for the follow-up appointment. The price is typically around £100.

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What does a private consultation involve?

When you go for a private consultation, bear in mind that this initial consultation may not be added to the cost of any fixed charges for recommended treatment like surgery. Why is this so? Because not everyone who has a consultation requires surgery, so the charge is usually separate.

As you will get to know, your private health insurance policy may not include your initial consultation. It can provide cover for only the treatment and your in-patient stay. Again, follow up consultations or out-patient appointments are also included in policies that are pricey. It is noteworthy to mention that a private consultation may not take more time than a similar consultation on the NHS.

Consultants have a very busy schedule; working round the clock all day. They may not spend more time than is necessary with you, regardless of whether you are paying for their service. How does this affect you? Don’t expect special treatment from a consultant; it’s purely professional.

Why should you pay for a private consultant?

You will find very good consultants for free on the NHS. That sounds great, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t love to see a medical professional for free?

This brings us to the question: Is it really worth it to pay about £200 for let’s say fifteen minutes of a consultant’s time?

There are several perks that can come with getting a private consultation. They include but not limited to the following:

  • No delay or waiting:

    When you have a private consultant to deal with, you can see them as soon as you want and at your convenient time that fits into your schedule. You don’t have to join the waiting list at the hospital.

  • Ability to choose:

    You are not under compulsion to see the consultant assigned to you by the NHS. Rather, you can choose the consultant you want to see. This flexibility comes only with a private consultation.

  • No substitution:

    Unlike what happens in the NHS sometimes, where you may be referred to see a member of the junior doctors’ team during a supposed consultant visit, private consultation guarantees that you get to see your consultant when you pay to see them.

Would you like to know more?

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Key takeaways

Having a private consultation has some benefits; however, it doesn’t guarantee more time with the consultant.

You get to see your chosen consultant when you want without any unnecessary delays. Most importantly, a consultant approach to medical issue is the best. So, if you’re about to see a consultant, you can be quite certain that your health condition will get the right course of treatment.

Hiring a private consultant may involve some money, but it’s definitely worth it considering the type of diagnosis, treatment, and convenience it offers.

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