Nowadays, with technical advancement, it has become expedient to treat hair problems conveniently. There are multiple treatments to regrow your hair on the scalp. For instance, out of so many miraculous methods, “Platelet-Rich-Plasma” is an efficient and harmless way to arouse hair follicles. This amazing hair treatment directs PRP to the scalp that resultantly enhances hair growth.

However, this technical treatment requires proper expertise and skill-set to be performed successfully. Otherwise, the selection of an unprofessional hair surgeon is not only risky but wastes your money too. PRP Shots are injected in the scalp’s desired areas for the regrowth of hair & these injections show incredible results in less time. Precisely, PRP is the optimum & most appropriate treatment for everyone who wants to eliminate hair fall and male baldness.

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How Many PRP Sessions You Need For Hair Growth?

PRP is the most recommended way to get your hair back. It significantly stimulates hair follicles’ production that makes your hair grow faster. This treatment is quite advantageous for everyone as it provides a young-looking and elegant look. Nevertheless, also opt for the board-certified surgeon because it makes the treatment secure and effective. However, it is equally important to research the pros, cons, side-effects, cost, and treatment to avoid any predicament in the future.

Generally, PRP treatment requires 3 to 4 sessions to show amazing results. However, the treatment requires some additional maintenance for better results. Interestingly, practitioners are practicing the treatment since 1980, but the latest technologies have made PRP much-admired nowadays.

How to Perform PRP Surgery?

This three-step process requires the patient’s blood to be kept on the centrifuge for the proper separation of blood’s components. So, after separating blood, platelets are injected in the scalp for hair growth. Usually, each PRP session requires 30 minutes, but the exact time depends on the patient’s requirements. To make the process less throbbing and comfortable, local anesthesia is injected in the patient’s scalp, making him feel relaxed.

Remember, local anesthesia can have negative effects so, it is better to discuss everything with your surgeon.

The longevity of PRP Results

Choosing professional and Best PRP Hair Transplant Dubai clinic makes it the preferable choice for men & women due to impeccable services. The longevity of PRP’s results entirely depends on the patient, but it is always recommended to undergo multiple sessions for significant results.

PRP & Its Major Drawbacks

· One of PRP treatment’s major drawbacks is that each treatment requires you to pay fees each time you visit your surgeon.

· Treatment’s results stay for 3 to 4 years, so it needs to perform multiple times.

· Numerous touch-up injections are needed for better results.

· A patient needs 7 to 10 days for proper recovery. However, bruising, swelling, and bleeding is quite normal.

What to Expect After PRP Hair Transplant?

PRP is a quite safe treatment, but a headache, swelling, itching, and pain at the swelling side are normal. A patient needs proper rest to avoid any downside.

So, before you choose PRP treatment in Dubai, it is recommended to select your surgeon carefully. It is the finest way to avoid any downside.

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