Essential items after back surgery recovery

Important items to take to the hospital

  • Slip-on shoes

After the surgery, it is best to wear slip-on shoes as it prevents the need to bend over and tie up the shoelaces. It is best to wear crocs and they can be worn indoors and outdoors. This will make it easier for you to walk around comfortably after undergoing spine surgery in Ludhiana.

  • Sports water bottle

You must drink a lot of water after surgery. The orthopedic surgeon suggests the patient keep a water bottle with a squirt top as it allows you to drink water when you are lying down and prevents the need to sit up every time you want to water.

  • Stool softeners

After the surgery, constipation is common and it can be a reason for pain and discomfort. Your doctor will suggest you the stool softeners to deal with this problem.


How to take care of yourself at home after the surgery?

Once you are at home, self-care is also important. You need a few extra items to make yourself comfortable after the surgery. Some of the items are mentioned below:

  • Ice packs

Ice is a pain reliever which includes the frozen gel packs or ice cubes. In the first few weeks, keep the incision clean and dry. To ease out the pain and discomfort you should use the frozen gel pack to reduce the pain.

  • Heating pads

2 days after the surgery, the doctor allows the heating pads to reduce pain and discomfort. You can even apply it to the areas which are not operated on. For example: If you had lower back surgery, then you had a heating pad for the neck which can be great for soothing, and it won’t let your neck get stiff.

  • Take nutritional supplements

You need to take nutritional supplements after surgery like zinc, Vitamin C, and essential branched-chain amino acids. Your surgeon will let you know which one you need to take and in what quantity.

  • Contact online

After the surgery, it is possible sometimes you are alone at home as others went to work. During this time, keep a tablet or laptop with you to keep in touch with others. You can even read the discussion form of people who have undergone the surgery.

  • Reaching aid

After the lower back surgery, you are not allowed to bend over or reach over to anything for a certain time. Simply, you need to get a grabber tool so that you can pick up the items without putting a strain on the back. You can find them easily online or ask someone to get one for you at the pharmacy store.

  • Extra pillows

Adding additional pillows are great for added support. You need to keep one under the knees while you lie on the back or you are in a recliner chair. This way, it will not put pressure on the lower back. You need to use firm pillows to take yourself up from a reclining position while you are in a bed.

  • Shower mat

You need to have a shower mat to prevent slips or falls. It is a very small thing but will prevent any type of unwanted situation.

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