Constipation can happen to anyone as it is a natural phenomenon. It may be due to various reasons and maybe a recurrent issue. If constipation is chronic, it may lead to various risk factors. Constipation is linked with many things that mostly involve your diet and physical health, with a little tweaking in diet and physical health you can overcome it easily. If you’re in Pakistan having their typical breakfast, nan and chickpea, then you’re surely enjoying a mean meal. Although it’s tasty, it takes a toll on your belly.

Islamabad hosts some of the best places for such breakfast.  If you’re frequent at visiting such places and you happen to be on your way to the Northern side of Pakistan, you need to be careful with your diet. Constipation although is not a very big problem but may become one. If you’re trying different remedies that are not working, try consulting the best urologist in Islamabad and get yourself some help.

Reasons for constipation

 Constipation is a natural phenomenon due to various reasons. It could be dietary issues or could be due to emotional health issues. Specifically, some issues include:

  • Depression/ anxiety
  • Lack of high-fibre foods
  • Too much caffeine
  • Meat and dairy products if taken in large amounts
  • Lack of exercise
  • Less water intake
  • Avoiding the need to use the loo
  • Often in infants, while training them for bathroom

There are some of the underlying issues that lead to constipation as a side effect.

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s and some other neurological conditions.

The problems may lead to

Constipation mostly can be helped with few lifestyle changes and can be easily helped. But it may lead to benign neoplasms, GI cancer or colorectal cancer. Chronic constipation can be a very problematic thing if not found out in time and taken care of.

Things should be done to take care of constipation

A few lifestyle changes can literally save you from chronic constipation that is effectively working against you without you knowing. 


High fibre foods are your best friend whether you have constipation or not. Fruits, veggies and whole-grain products are the best things you can take to help you with it. You can take fibre supplements too.

Fluid intake

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day or about 3 litres is recommended by everyone. It’s better to have this habit. Not only it will help your constipation it will help you with a healthy body. Usually avoiding the urge to relieve yourself makes your stool stiff as your colon keeps getting it dehydrated more and more you avoid it.

Exercise a bit

Exercising half an hour in a single day is good enough to have your bowel movement in place and also for your health. 


Two necessary things you should regularize, firstly is making a routine of using the bathroom. It will help you develop a habit and bowel movements are active at those times. Secondly, sleep deprivation is a leading cause of abnormal metabolism and leads to constipation.

Taking necessary various measures

One of the things that doctors may tell you is to get your knees higher than hips when you are relieving yourself. It helps the bowel movements. You can use stool softeners or olive oil single spoon a day for that. Laxatives can help you relieve it too.

Lifestyle changes

Exercising, sleep management, managing your diet and staying away from excess stress are a few things that need to be set right in your life.

The takeaway

Constipation isn’t a very big problem if it’s taken care of in time. There are healthy lifestyle choices you can opt to get rid of it. Although it’s normal for it to happen three times a month if it keeps up you need to deal with it properly before it goes horribly wrong. Chronic constipation may lead to different types of cancer and create discomfort in your life. You need to get it checked before things might go out of hands.

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