Dubai cars

There is no dearth of car purchasing options in the UAE. With plenty of automobile dealerships available and almost every single global car manufacturer marking their presence, the emirate is a delight of car enthusiasts.

Having said that, buying a new car can be a tricky process, especially if you are a newbie. The emirate encompasses around 60 different brands. Furthermore, recent Facebook research implies that most people only consider three brands to start their search. Therefore, it can be really hard to analyze whether or not you are making a prudent choice. Well, used cars for sale in Dubai can be a choice for many but it is very difficult to navigate the pitfalls.

The best way to avoid all the uncertainties is to buy a new car. This article sheds light on some of the most common tips while making your first purchase. Read this to streamline the process and then take a plunge.

Do Your Research 

First, you need to define your criteria. Analyze if you want the height or safety of the large SUV? Or maybe the luxury and comfort of a lavish sedan? Examining what you want in your new car will ultimately help you narrow down your choices. Moreover, you can apply filters available on many different websites. This will ensure that you pick the one that suits your preferences.  

Look, Touch, Feel

Just because a car suits your needs doesn’t mean that it is the be-all and end-all of everything. Once you have selected some automobiles, pay a visit to dealers and check the car thoroughly. Sit aside, adjust the seat and think about how you will be going to use the car in the near future. Do you like the interior? How’s the visibility from your seat? 

Secure Your Finance 

Finance has become a preferred way of buying new cars. As they come with low-interest rates, it can be the best way to get the car of your choice while levelling up your lifestyle at the same time. Analyzing what to expect before initiating the finance process can enable you to ensure the perfect chance of approval.  Some banks require the minimum salary of around Dhs15,000 per month and want you to have been working with your company for at least three months.

Negotiate to Make the Best Deal

Dealerships want to sell their cars as soon as possible. So, always inquire about what type of deal the company is willing to offer you if you buy one of their cars. Well, you may not get the discount but they can possibly throw in extras like free window tinting, extended servicing packages, or other products that are capable of adding value to your purchase. 

Depreciation versus Needs

With some exceptions, the worth of most of the car depreciates the moment you take them out of the showroom. However, its rate differs from car to car and is impacted by various factors – some of which indicates that deprecation may not be the sole concern as people might presume. Generally speaking, the lower the value of the car, the less you will lose on depreciation. Cars that come with the price range of Dhs30,000 – 100,000, will lose around 20 per cent depreciation.

Therefore, when you compare such type of loss with the benefits you receive while owning a new car including warranty & service packages, and freebies such as insurance & registration, then the former becomes a more viable option than going for a used one.

Consider Long-Term Running Costs

One of the most crucial things to take into account while buying a new automobile is to examine the time period you intend to keep it. Furthermore, consider the level of servicing costs you can easily pay for. Once you are done with this, inspect the service contracts being offered by the dealerships (or not). This will help you analyze how much you are going to pay in the coming years for servicing and maintenance. 

As a rule of thumb, the services and maintenance of European cars are very high in the UAE. This is followed by American cars, then Japanese cars, with Chinese and Korean brands being the cheapest to maintain. 

In a nutshell, there are many exotic cars Dubai has for its people. You just need to make the right decision by taking into account all the aforementioned factors before you take a plunge.

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