There are so many factors and causes which are responsible for hair loss. The condition of alopecia, commonly called hair loss could be temporary or permanent. It could a result of just ageing or heredity. Other prominent factors which trigger hair loss are hormonal changes and persisting medical conditions. As the factors which trigger baldness are different for different individuals;the same goes for the treatment too. To arrive at an approximate hair transplant cost in Ludhiana you will have to consider all these factors.The popularity of hair transplants is growing in India. The boom can be attributed to the increasing number of satisfied patients.People get motivated to get the procedure done when they see their peers leading a more fulfilled life post the treatment. 

Availability of the treatment

Now quality surgeons and treatment is available in most of tier 2 and tier 3 cities I India;something which is democratising the availability of treatment. The city of Ludhiana is no different. If you try to put the number to the hair transplant cost in ludhiana, it is not easy without considering with variables attached to the treatment. Let us first look at the variables then arrive at reasonable approximation cost. 

The relation of the donor area and the cost 

The donor area is the jargon used by cosmetic surgeons to indicate the part of the scalp that is not affected by alopecia or baldness. More than ninety percent of the people who opt for the transplant have pattern baldness triggered by genetic factors or ageing. So, the more donor area available lesser the cost.  Having mentioned this, you have to keep in mind the difference is not substantial. Whether you talk about hair transplant cost in Ludhiana or anywhere else in the country. But it does affect the total cost. The difference can be big only in a case when the donor area is too less. 


To arrive at the exact hair transplant cost in ludhiana, the doctor will have to examine the following variables. 

  • The current state of baldness, and the rate at which an individual is losing hair. To know at which phase of baldness you are, you can consult to any experienced dermatologist or hair surgeon. 

  • If you are going FUT- follicular unit transplantation, which has been one of the most successful methods of hair transplantation. The doctor will have to determine the number and the size of the follicular units you will need. The follicular unit is nothing but a naturally occurring group of hair, which can vary from one to four. 

  • The size of the follicular units also affects the cost, so the doctor has to conclude the size of the unit as well before he lets you know about the exact cost of the treatment. 

The average hair transplant cost in ludhianais around INR 55,000. Though, the factors mentioned above come into the play. The cost of the treatment can increase and decrease accordingly.

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