Vape cartridges are commonly seen in the hands of every teenager these days because of their prominence and positive effects. Vapes are mostly used by people who are chain smokers and wish to quit smoking by substituting a cigarette with a vape. Vapes are delicate, which is why their packaging needs to be robust and durable.  Therefore, diverse packaging companies make different types of vape pen cartridge packaging for their customers accordingly.

Look For Resilient Materials:

Indeed, material plays a vital role in determining the shelf life and sale of your vapes. Surely, any strongbox will stay longer than a malleable box. Thus, the materials available in the market are of variable thicknesses and widths. Card-stock, eco-Kraft, and cardboard materials are obtainable.

Firstly, card-stock is an affordable and firm material, and It serves its purpose in the making of so many boxes and vape cartridge boxes as well. The thickness of the card-stock available in the market for making boxes is 14 pt. Also, you can use different stylish customizations to enhance its look.

Secondly, eco-Kraft is accessible in the market, and it is famous for being environment-friendly and biodegradable. Therefore, customers prefer using Kraft material for making their boxes resilient and robust and recyclable as well. Khaki color is the raw color of Kraft material, and you can enhance it by using printings and coatings.

Lastly, cardboard is a material that consists of flutes of card-stock and paper stock, which is why its firmness and strength are outstanding. It also serves its purpose for making vape cartridge boxes wholesale.

Boxes can be made by any of the materials as mentioned above. Also, you can choose different styles to boost the sales of your vapes. The boxes used for vape boxes can be:

  • Display boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • 5-panel hanger boxes

Focus On Trivial Details:

a millennial way of dramatizing and customizing boxes is by concentrating on smaller details like coatings, printings, and Add-ons. Two of the most glamorous coatings gloss and matte are available in the market. The purpose of coatings is to elaborate the details in the box by providing glare and shine. The gloss coating gives a bright and lustrous finish to the boxes. However, the matte coating is different from the gloss coating as it completes the outer layer of the boxes by making them dim and darker. These boxes are for the customers who wish to buy nonglossy and gloomier boxes.

Also, printing techniques like digital and offset printing are available. Digital printing is affordable and gives you plain and simple boxes. Otherwise, offset printing is an expensive method because it uses costly rollers to spread the ink on your boxes. Offset printing is expensive, but you can save the cost if all the boxes are printed at the same time because less ink will be used.

Supplementary Add-ons:

Moreover, Add-ons are known to save some of the marketing charges of your boxes. Add-ons like Spot UV, embossing, debossing, and window cutting are obtainable. Spot UV offers the results of both the matte and gloss coatings. The inner corners of the boxes are filled with light and sheen, although the rest of the box is lusterless.

Also, debossing and embossing are affordable and interesting logo enhancement techniques. Embossing offers engraved, and carved logos for the custom printed vape cartridge boxes, whereas debossing offers imprinted results.

Contact The Supervising Team:

Above all, creating links with the concerned company is essential so you can contact their helpline to talk to their representatives. So, a 24/7 open helpline is obtainable so you can get answers to all your questions anytime.



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