Momos are a street food from the north-east that has gained a lot of popularity in various parts of the country. These are served in all kinds of food joints starting from roadside stalls and small restaurants to fine dining outlets.  These are not only delicious but also healthy and wholesome food. During the lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the fans of this food have missed it a lot and have been compelled to attempt making the same at home.

While the attempts have been successful, they require a lot of effort for preparation by hand. Adding a momo maker to your repertoire of  could make this a lot easier. This is one of the most compelling reasons for investing in this appliance. Apart from that, there are several other reasons as listed below.

You Can Prepare a Large Variety of Momos

When you go out to eat momos, you are restricted by the availability in the outlet. When you have a momo maker at home, you can make all the variety you want. You can prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarianfillings; you can add ingredients and sauces of your choice. All you need to take care of is that the filling is dry enough so that the momosdon’t get mushy. Some of the varieties in fillings can be mixed vegetables, paneer, chicken, meat, fish and pork. Prepare the fillings to suit your taste and enjoy

You Can Experiment with the Preparation

Momos can be steamed or fried. At home, you can prepare both varieties at the same time and make everyone at home happy to have their favourite preparation. You can also experiment with the dough by adding different purees to make a colourful dough. Experiments do not stop here. You can eat them with sauce on the side or even the momos dipped and soaked in a variety of tasty sauces.

You Can Eat to Your Heart’s Content

A serving of momosin eateries has limited pieces and somehow one is never satisfied and is left craving for more. With an efficient assistant at home, you can make enough momos to satisfy the craving and enjoy until you can eat no more. Once you know the variety you can prepare, you will be tempted to make them often and having a momo maker will prove to be a blessing.

Eat Whenever You Want

Now you do not have to go out to eat or find a place that serves momos. You also do not have to worry whether or not it is safe to go out and grab some street food. Given the pandemic, you are missing out on a lot of things. This would be one less thing to miss.

You Need Not Worry About Safety

If you are a vegetarian, you often worry about the food in an outlet being contaminated by non-veg food. When you can prepare your favourite food at home, you need not worry about that. Moreover, no one needs to worry about the possible lack of hygiene. All the ingredients that go into the preparation are from your very own pantry and you can be assured of the quality;the hygiene control is completely in your hands. This way, you can feel assured and relaxed about giving your family the best you can.

You Can Get More Than Just Momos

A momo maker comes with a dough maker and a range of shaping dies suitable for making round as well as elongated momos. Apart from making these, you can make homemade pasta of various shapes as well as prepare Indian snacks such as modak and gujiya. The set of dies includedallow you to make perfectly shaped momos that look and feel good to eat.

Just thinking of momos is enough to make one feel hungry and by now you are probably halfway to the kitchen to prepare them. You also may be secretly wishing that you had a momo maker by your side to make the job a breeze. It is not late. Maybe the next time you make momos, it will be with the help of the appliance. Order one now!

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