First of all, erasing bad health habits can make a big difference. 

You’re ready for another attempt of losing some extra weight, but simply looking at a vegetable is already making you sick. What now? Are you going to abort the mission? Not so fast, my friends!  

When some people decide to get instantly fit, the first thing they do is try a whole new set of fad diets to get rid of fats quickly. Plant-based or Keto? No problem! But, for the rest of us mere mortals, sticking to an extreme diet plan is like shoving ourselves into a quicksand, especially when it leaves us feeling hungry and deprived. Good thing, there are lots of alternative ways on how you can slim down without the need to pursue a pretty intense diet and become way too hard on yourself.  

Many experts suggest that if you want to keep off those infuriating pounds for good, losing weight gradually is the best solution. Besides, what good is fasting if you’re just going to crave and binge eat after depriving yourself of the foods you love?

In lieu of extreme dieting or food deprivation, here are painless habits that will help you get fit and prevent weight gain in the future. 

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Eat breakfast every day. 

One of the biggest mistakes of many people trying to get slim is skipping breakfast meals in order to cut calories easily. But, studies show that it makes no difference whether you eat or skip your breakfast because it has nothing to do with how much you burn each day. Worse case: you just end up eating more throughout the day, yet it’s not enough to compensate for the amount of food you missed in the morning. So, what’s the point of skipping brekky? 

To make sure your body is all recharged for school or work, have at least a bowl of whole-grain cereal with low-fat dairy (and some fruits if you like) for a quick fill-up. Just as you eat breakfast each day, have your kitchen locked at night so that you can avoid those tempting late-night cravings while watching television to sleep. Another trick is brushing your teeth right after dinner so you’ll less likely eat anything else for the rest of the night. 

Switch to lighter alternatives to cut calories.      

It can be very hard for some of us to completely say goodbye to calories. Then again, you can easily trim them off by using low-fat and lighter versions of products. For instance, try using any mustard-infused spread sandwiches instead of mayonnaise. Do the same thing with your drink. Whenever you can, go for plain or citrus water to satisfy your thirst in lieu of wine or cocktail.  

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Go for a fun workout. 

Not everyone loves to work out, we have to admit. If you are one of those people who find it so hard to move a muscle, try keeping your challenges at a minimum by having fun. When it comes to losing weight, there are three important kinds of exercises you need: cardio, interval training and strength training. Look for fun activities that will get your heart pumping and your muscles getting stronger. Walking, Zumba dancing and swimming are among those exercises that won’t make you feel like you are actually working out.  

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Get more vitamin D.

Call your friends and wear those personalised swim caps as you soak up some vitamin D with a fun swimming workout under the morning sun. Studies show that getting enough vitamin D may help improve weight loss, reduce body fat and prevent weight gain in the future. Also, another evidence suggests that vitamin D can increase levels of serotonin which in turn regulates mood and sleep. If you are wondering how these factors can affect your weight, keep reading to the last piece of advice below.     

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Have enough sleep. 

Yup, you read it right. Sleep has powerful effects on your appetite and weight. Most of us often ignore a complete sleep without knowing that this bad habit can disturb the body’s leptin and ghrelin, hormones responsible for regulating the appetite. When these hormones fluctuate, it increases your hunger and craving for unhealthy foods which in turn impacts on your calorie intake. 

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