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The garage piston rings and solar piston rings and put the pistons in the assembly put them in the block a rotating assembly finished, let’s get started. Now what we’re going to be installing in this engine, since we’re looking for some huge horsepower numbers, we’re going to be installing a cast aluminum hyper eutectic aluminum piston flat top piston with the four-valve release. Now, the cast aluminum or the hyper eutectic aluminum. 

Some of the benefits

All that means is that the aluminum has a little more silicon in it, which gives it a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, so we can use tighter tolerances here, and some of the benefits are there of using that type of material it’s lighter in weight, and it’s lower in cost so these aren’t too expensive, and also have the code of skirt on here the code of skirt makes it nice and easy to install and it makes it. Believe it or not, reduces noise and piston slap. It’s a pretty short piston so it’s not another really tall piston connecting it to an eagle rod. These are Eagle. Eagle SCR 5140 steel rods forge Ibeam rod is steel, the 5140, and it comes with the AARP 8740 cap screws, and they’re really nice to shot paint and they’re really balanced fairly well there plus or minus two grams. So they’re really pretty accurate.

Cylinder standard oversize

 And have also had a machine shop and install the pistons on the connecting rods and having put them to the pistons, to the wrist pin there because when they balance the rotating assembly they have all the stuff down and they bounce it all for me. So let’s put the rings in while we’re gonna be using for this engine also is a Hastings Chrome as a seal of Mali ring. Nothing fantastic but it’s a really good ring. So let’s, let’s get these rings and we’ll put them on a piston and give them install piston rings, you guys always hear talk about planning your engine and doing all your homework upfront. And if you do that, this is what makes it easy. If you were able to bore a cylinder standard oversize like 30,000, it makes it very easy to buy a set of rings that are pre-gapped, and you won’t have to do much grinding, or actually no grinding whatsoever. I’m using these Hastings springs as a steel Molly ring. This is the top ring or the first ring. This is the second ring that goes underneath. 


Now, going to get these really quick. And a couple of things to notice orientation is important which way goes up is important. Now, the top ring is completely square or rectangle. There are no identifying marks on it anywhere there’s no. so, it doesn’t matter which way is up on this one is pretty symmetrical all the way around. Actually this symmetrical all the way around. The second ring that goes in. You can see has a chamfer on the inside here, which may be tough to see you may be able to see it or not see it, but there’s a chamfer here, but it also has a dot. And you can see the dot right here. 

Ends of the piston

And this dot indicates that this part of the piston ring goes up, the dot always goes up on a piston right. So let’s check these gaps real quick. And it was inserted in the bore. I’ll put it this way so you’re able to see how to do it. And doing is to take a piston here. I’m just going to level it out or level out that ring in there. So there’s nice and flat. And I’m sure that two gaps, there are touching or the close alignment there. Now, the distance or how much gap should you have in your ring. The rule is three and a half thousands for every inch of the cylinder bore. 

These bores are just over four inches because So, want to have at least 14,000 probably no more than 20,000 on my gap. checking my gap right here. I’ll start at 14,000, which is good. It’s just about fits in there. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna jump right up immediately to 20 because want to have 40, and want to have less than 20, so try and put the 20 in there. And the 20 does not go in, going easy, but let’s just for the hell of it, see what it goes down to see if the 19 fits in there. The 19 is a little bit tight. Try the 18th and 1818 thousand. So let’s take the first round. Let’s do the same thing with the secondary again the dot goes up. Take this. Let me put it this way so you can see the ends of the piston are the same distance which makes it easier to check.

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