DIY natural ways to purify water

A nice, long swim after a hectic day can relax even the most tired of individuals. However, nobody wants rough hair, damaged skin, and red eyes which are a common side effect of the chemicals present in pool water. These chemicals are one of the ways to purify water in the pool however this purification can be achieved via natural alternatives as well. 

Keeping your safety and hygiene in perspective we have compiled below some natural ways you can adopt to clean your pool water. 


Convert a part of your pool into a water garden 


A well-designed green belt of plants anywhere can purify the surrounding environment. Green plants actively produce oxygen which harbors the growth of useful bacteria. These bacteria digest the growing algae in your swimming pool. Hence, this is a great natural alternative to using swimming pool treatment chemicals for cleaning. 

In fact, a great aesthetic way would be to convert a part of your pool into a water garden by planting green plants into the pool water. This will make a natural filtration system. However, make sure you choose the water loving plants that can thrive in salty water.  


Replace chlorine treatment with Hydrogen Peroxide


We all know using chlorine for pool sanitization has major drawbacks. A good alternative to it would be the Hydrogen peroxide solution which contains oxygen and hydrogen and can act as a natural disinfectant. 

However, do not confuse your cabinet hydrogen peroxide bottle with the one required for pool sanitization. For the latter, you will require a high concentration solution which can be purchased from any supply store. 

Tip: A good idea would be that for every 100 gallons of pool water you should add at least a cup of your hydrogen peroxide solution. 


Use natural remedies to change the pH of your pool water


For complete sanitization of your pool, it is important to manage the pH levels of the water. If the pH is towards the high side, other added disinfectants will not work at full capacity. However, if it is towards a lower side, the pipes of the pool will become prone to corrosion and can even cause irritation in the eyes of the swimmers. 

Natural Remedies: To manage a high pH, use baking soda. You would need at least 1.5 pounds of this baking soda for 10,000 gallons of pool water. While for a low pH, use borax, about half a cup in 10,000 gallons of pool water. You can find Borax in the laundry section of your grocery store and is made of completely naturally found minerals. 


Place some tennis balls in your swimming pool 


For open air pools, swimmers are advised to apply sunscreen before each swim to prevent skin damages but the sunscreen remains can be absorbed in pool water. Even your body dirt and oils can be released in the pool water. 

One quick way to get rid of these remains is to place some tennis balls in your pool and leave them to float. The outer texture of the balls will filter the oils out of the pool water. After a few days if the balls appear to be dirty, get a few new ones.


Invest in a robotic cleaner for your pool 


So, this option is not exactly a natural remedy to sanitize your swimming pool but is a relatively safer way than the use of chemicals. 

The effectiveness of natural remedies cannot always be guaranteed particularly on large sized pools or party pools. Hence, using robotic cleaners would be an ideal alternative which would save you time and hassle both. These robots auto clean the pool water as many times as required and can significantly reduce the dirt and debris that makes the water dirty.

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