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Snagging: What Is It?

The snag is any small defect, error, or problem that is caused in your new property due to construction work. It’s basically something that is damaged or broken in your newly finished property and affects its looks. Most of the snags are cosmetic. It means that they disrupt the visual appearance of your property but some can be serious defects as well.

To cater to such issues, many realtors advise people who are going to buy any property in the UAE to hire some good firm that offers inspection services for property snagging in Dubai. By doing so, you can prevent getting scammed and losing in case of wrong investment.  

Reasons You Should Make A Snagging List

A snagging list is a list of defects that you’re going to check your property for. The basic purpose of making a snagging list is to identify any potential defects that your property has so that you can get it fixed. The best time to check your property for snags is when it is completely finished and you’re about to move-in, just before signing the contract…

Whether you’re buying a new build house or some off-plan apartment, getting it inspected for snagging is always advisable. However, to get your property thoroughly examined for defects, you should make a snagging list beforehand.

As per a recent report, 99% of the buyers who moved-in their newly built houses had to complain to their builders about snagging issues. 34% of these people complained that the snags they’re facing are more than what they’ve originally expected. Out of these people, 30% have found at least 1 to 5 issues in their properties whilst 26% of buyers reported more than 15 defects.  

Things to Include in Your Snagging List

Some of the things that you should include in your snagging list include surface defects, cosmetic defects, construction defects etc. Additionally, you should also check the woodwork, paint, tiling, glazing and every other work that has been done. Likewise, check the walls by running your fingers over them to check for potential cracks, chips and scratches. Moreover, check the fittings properly and ensure that everything is working properly and there are no leaks.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Snagging Service Provider

The majority of the property experts and real estate agents recommend that to ensure that the property you’re buying is free from defects you should hire a professional snagging service provider. Especially if you’re going to buy a property for investment in the UAE, then you should engage one of the best property management companies in Dubai. These companies have special inspectors that will thoroughly examine your property on your behalf and let you know if there are defects in it.

Final Thoughts

A thorough and proper inspection of your property isn’t the only benefit of engaging these companies; they also help in easing your concerns with your builder on your behalf. This clearly signifies the importance of property management companies that specialize in snagging services.

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