Peyronie's disease
Peyronie's disease

Treatment recommendations for Peyronie’s disease depend on how much time it’s been since you began having symptoms.

Intense phase. You have penile pain or changes in curvature or length or a deformity of the penis. The acute phase happens early in the disease and might last just two to four months but occasionally lasts for as much as a year or more.
Chronic phase. Your symptoms are steady, and you don’t have any penile pain or changes in curvature, length, or deformity of your penis. The chronic phase happens later in the disease and normally happens around three to 12 months after symptoms begin.
For your acute phase of the disorder, treatments include:

Recommended. When used early in the disease process, penile traction treatment prevents period loss and reduces the degree of curvature that happens.
Optional. Medical and injection therapies are discretionary in this period, with a few more effective than others.
Not recommended. Surgery is not recommended until the disease stabilizes, to avoid the need for a repeat operation.


Numerous oral drugs have been attempted to treat Peyronie’s disease, but they have never been shown to be effective consistently and are not as effective as surgery.

In certain guys, medication injected directly into the penis might decrease curvature and pain associated with Peyronie’s disease. Based on the treatment, you may be given a local anesthetic to reduce pain during the injections.

In case you have one of those remedies, you’ll likely get many injections over several months. Injection medications may also be utilized together with oral medications or traction therapies.

Traction treatment

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Penile traction therapy involves stretching the penis using a self-applied mechanical apparatus for some time to improve penile length, curvature, and deformity.

Based upon the specific device, traction treatment might have to be worn for as few as 30 minutes to up to 3 to eight hours every day to achieve rewards. The effectiveness of therapy may also be contingent on the particular device used.

Traction treatment is advocated in the early phases of Peyronie’s disease. It’s the only treatment shown to improve penile length. Traction treatment might also be used in the chronic phase of the illness, combined with other remedies or following surgery for a better outcome.


Your doctor may suggest surgery if the deformity of your penis is intense, sufficiently bothersome, or prevents you from getting sex. Surgery usually is not recommended until you have had the condition for nine to 12 months and also the curvature of your penis stops growing and simmer for three to six weeks

Common surgical methods include:

A variety of procedures may be employed to suture (plicate) the longer side of the penis — the side without scar tissue. This results in a straightening of the penis, but that can be confined to less severe curvatures.

Several plication techniques may be used, normally leading to similar success rates depending on surgeon experience and taste.

Incision or excision and grafting. With this kind of operation, the surgeon makes one or more cuts from the scar tissue, allowing the sheath to extend out along with the manhood to straighten. The surgeon may remove some of the scar tissue.

A piece of tissue (graft) is often sewn into place to cover the holes from the tunica albuginea. The graft might be tissue from your body, human or animal tissue, or even synthetic material.

This process is generally utilized in men with more-severe curvature or deformity, like indentations. This procedure is associated with greater risks of worsening erectile function in comparison to the plication procedures.

Penile implants. Surgically set penile implants have been inserted into the spongy tissue that fills with blood during an erection. The implants may be semirigid — manually bent down most of the time and bent upwards for sexual intercourse.

Another type of implant is inflated with a pump implanted in the scrotum. Penile implants might be considered if you’ve Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

When the implants are placed in place, the surgeon might perform additional procedures to enhance the curvature if needed.

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