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The coronavirus pandemic brought physical distancing and isolation in almost everyone’s life. These aspects have badly impacted financial, physical, and mental wellbeing. Evidence suggests the stress triggered due to factors arising out of pandemic causes oral health issues in people. Now, dentists in the US are noticing a rise in patients visiting their clinic to treat cracked teeth.

People avoided visiting a dental clinic due to lockdowns  

As most people work from home, some fail to follow their daily timely brushing and flossing routine. Due to a decline in social outings, several individuals delayed their regular cleaning sessions. People opted for painkillers instead of visiting their dentist to find the cause behind tooth pain. 

In some cities, people avoided visiting clinics due to the fear of contracting COVID-19. As per a USA Today report, just one out of five adults visited their dental office during the pandemic. Unfortunately, oral health issues become worse as time goes. Treatment becomes expensive due to an increase in damage. Thus, dentists see mouths that are much dirtier than before. Compared to last year, dental care experts in the US have already handled twice the amount of patients with broken teeth this year.

What’s the problem?

From coronaphobia to doomsurfing, several studies have pointed out that coronavirus-related anxiety is slowly impacting people’s mental health worldwide. Some patients also experience insomnia, restlessness due to the coronavirus fear or stress. Their body remains in a battle-ready mode of arousal even while they sleep. Thus, they fail to get the restorative sleep they need. Yet again, without resting and charging, the tension results in teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching. 

As people work from home, they often create a makeshift workstation. From the kitchen counter, barstool to a sofa, people sit in awkward body positions for several hours. Poor posture results in teeth grinding while sleeping. 

Opt for a proper workstation with a comfortable chair 

Work from home is set to become the new normal, and companies may ask their employees to continue doing the same for several months more. Thus, it is advisable to opt for a proper home office workstation with a comfortable, adjustable chair. The monitor should always remain at eye level; consider using a stack of books or a box to prop it up if necessary. 

Sit on the chair, or sit on a couch with your laptop on the table, and spend some time standing while speaking on the phone. No matter how small your apartment or house is, it is advisable to walk a few steps during every break. 

Should patients ignore their dental issues and pain? 

At times patients remain unaware of their teeth grinding habit until informed by their sleeping partner. Minor cracks, pain, and teeth sensitivity are three of the most common signs indicating the person might be clenching and grinding while asleep. Such individuals should immediately reach out to their dentist for treatment. 

Dentists examine the patient’s mouth for other possible signs like damaged or broken teeth, tenderness in the jaw muscles. Depending on the severity level, the dental care expert will prescribe muscle relaxants, botox injections, medications for handling pain, and anxiety management. The professional may also recommend the use of a retainer or a mouthguard to prevent grinding. In selected cases, the patient may be asked to wear the same during day time as well. These custom-made devices can disperse and absorb pressure by acting as a physical barrier between teeth. 

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help in improving the appearance  

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help correct discolored, worn, stained, misshapen, chipped, and broken teeth. All the processes are simple and non-invasive. 

When it comes to getting cracked, decayed, chipped teeth back in shape, dental bonding can be a simple solution. The process involves the use of putty-like resin material. The dentist applies tooth-colored material on the affected tooth surface, then uses UV or laser to harden the same, and trips/polishes the surface. Dental bonding is considered an ideal replacement for silver or amalgam fillings. 

If the tooth is damaged beyond repair, the dental care expert might recommend extracting and replacing it with dental implants. Natural tooth roots are replaced with a titanium screw in the jawbone and dental crown cap on the top. Implants can restore the jaw bone support and chewing power. 

Opt for routine check-ups 

Remember, it is always advisable to treat oral health issues at the earliest. Delay can increase the damage further. Dental offices, like Roswell (GA) based TruCare Dentistry, follow OSHA and CDC guidelines to ensure patient and staff safety at the clinic. You can discuss your concerns and fix an appointment on the phone in advance. Dr. Toral Ardeshna provides the best possible treatment options for bruxism and cracked teeth.

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