Custom Engagement Rings
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Build Your Very Own Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

The charm and fascination of owning something extraordinarily personal is an enticing thought. Custom making your own jewelry gives you the freedom to explore, experiment and experience fashion from a whole new perspective. Your unique style sensibilities and design expressed in a piece of jewelry tells your story to the world. You are your own brand ambassador and a style icon too!

A bespoke jewelry is possibly everything your imagination can invent. From custom rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets to brooches, you can design your inspirations into a piece of adornment. It is a piece of your heart and it is certainly special. The experience of tailor making your own jewelry can help you discover original accessories that are solely about you.

And with the loss of Charles an Colvard’s patent on Moissanite, having custom Moissanite Engagement Rings is now easier and less expensive than ever.  Moissanite is both harder and more fiery than diamonds.  And all at a fraction of the cost.

Are Custom Engagement Rings really expensive?

The cost of buying readymade or custom jewelry depend entirely on the components of the jewelry. A precious gemstone like diamond, precious metals like gold, platinum and silver, and size of the jewelry determine the final cost of the product. If you choose a designer to custom make your jewelry, the brand name will cost you more. Handmade jewelry with your exceptional design may seem a costlier option at first glance. However, when compared with a readymade version of similar qualities, you will be happily surprised by the value for money it garners.

The versatility of Custom Engagement Rings

Custom jewelry also make excellent gifts. The personal touch carries a message of compassion and cordiality. It celebrates those you adore and makes sentimental gifts.  It shows your attention to idiosyncratic details, forethought, and abundant creativity, making it a remarkable expression of your love.

The design of a customized jewelry can vary from minimalist subtle to elaborate maximal. You can add all possible twists and turns in the design to achieve one-of-a-kind solitary design. Adding birthstones in the mix will definitely raise the fashion quotient of your distinctive design while bringing in the essence of your birth month. A stylish tradition, indeed!

Handmade custom jewelry speaks volumes about your trust in sustainability as you inspire a local artisan to craft something absolutely phenomenal. If you are focusing on employing recycled material to create your piece of magnificence, you are in the process saving the environment. Handmade custom jewelry is the tender touch of an expert craftsman to craft and cultivate something altogether rare and uncommon.

How to customize your jewelry?

Making your jewelry from scratch is a cathartic process. Bring a photo, a rough sketch, or a piece of your imagination to the jeweler. Jewelry designers will work with you hand-in-hand to make your dream turn into a brilliant reality. Your jeweler can also help direct your inspiration to a more assembled and constructed path. The jeweler will take you through gemstones, shapes, metals, different mounting styles, and more options to elevate your idea to a new level of originality. A prototype will be designed for your approval before it goes for the final production. With this, finally you can lay your hands on the jewelry of your dreams.









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