At the end of a makeup job on a woman, one of the elements that most often attract attention are the lips, especially when a striking color has been chosen according to the set created in that job.

The fact of choosing the ideal lipstick for a makeup job, whether professional or personal, can be a little odyssey since at a first glance you will be able to see that there are dozens and dozens of colors, and within each color different shades for later continue with different finishes.

But the dilemma of choosing the right lipstick does not end here, since in addition to the colors and finishes we will find that we have at our disposal different types of textures or products, which are not suitable for all people, or for all the situations.

Types and Characteristics of Lipsticks

The available offer of this type of cosmetics is quite wide. At first we may be struck by the large number of colors and tones to choose from; but within this wide range, we can also find different finishes and, finally, different products in terms of composition. Each of these products will turn out to be appropriate for a certain type of lips, and to achieve a characteristic final finish, so if we want the lips to stand out enormously we must choose a type of lipstick, while if we look for a finish more discreet we will have to choose a different type. The first distinction that must be made is in terms of the type of product, since we can buy a stick lipstick, which is the most common and popular, but we must know that there are also liquid lipsticks.

Once you have chosen a type of lipstick, it will be your turn to choose its texture, something important since it will depend on whether the effect achieved is more marked or smoother, and will also influence its duration and fixation on the skin.

Here are a few types of Lipsticks:

Lipstick stick

It is the most common type of lipstick and the one that is most used to see and use in makeup work. It consists, as already explained above, of a product in the form of a bar or stick which is located in a tube that allows it to be extracted or retracted from it by turning its base. The lipstick stick format makes it a very comfortable product, both to use and to transport in any bag, case or toiletry bag, so that once applied at home it is possible to take it with you in case you need to use it again during the working day.

Within this type of format there are three different products that will show different qualities and, therefore, will offer different finishes.

Creamy texture lipstick stick

This type is, to call it somehow, the typical lipstick or the standard of all life. The finish obtained with this product is generally opaque and with an intense color. Due to the creamy texture that they present, it is very easy to slide it on the lips, so they are easy to apply. In addition, thanks to this creaminess, they provide a certain degree of hydration to the lips, something that is appreciated since the small cracks that form in the skin due to its dryness can be accentuated when a product is applied on them.

Matte finish stick lipstick

The matte finish is one of the most used trends today. The finish they offer is obviously a matte but very intense color, due to the fact that its composition includes greater pigmentation than in other types of lipstick. In general, with a single pass over the lip, it is already completely covered.

As a result of the density of color they offer, they are very opaque once they have been applied to the lip and, unlike creamy bars, they glide with considerable difficulty on the skin. Another difference that these lipsticks present is that they do not offer that moisturizing point that we also found in creamy bars, but they tend to slightly dry the skin. Therefore, we are facing a type of lipstick that is not going to be suitable for those women whose lips tend to crack easily, since its application will greatly enhance said cracks.

Glossy finish stick lipstick

This type of finish is also often referred to as a gloss finish. Its texture is very similar to that of a creamy lipstick, but the final finish obtained is that of a bright color due to the presence of emollient agents in the composition of the product. These lipsticks are packed within attractive lipstick boxes to add to their glamor. Customized boxes for lipsticks are also used.

In general, they contain less pigmentation than the rest of the stick lipsticks available on the market, although there are specific products in which the pigment content is higher, achieving a very opaque color.

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