Frequently asked questions from newly married couples is when are you giving good news? From parents to friends to in-laws to neighbours everyone starts asking the same question. It should be the sole decision of a couple to start a new family. When you start thinking about starting a new family but fail. IVF is such a blessing for those couples who are trying but not successful. If you are looking for an IVF centre in Punjab then consult the skilled doctor.

Why is IVF suggested to the couples?

IVF is suggested to the couples who are facing problems mentioned below.

  • The women’s fallopian tube is damaged or blocked.
  • The couples are facing ovulation disorders.
  • When the couple is facing a premature ovary problem where the estrogens hormones are not formed properly or enough eggs are not releasing.
  • Abnormality in sperm production.
  • The couple is facing any genetic disorders.
  • Any type of diseases a person is facing such as cancer.

Now you must be thinking about the handling of infertility problems. Then do not worry with a few steps you can achieve the best results.

Step 1:

If it’s been a year that you are trying to conceive but instead of getting good news you are getting a failure. Then you need expert advice. Meet a fertility expert to find the solution to your problem.

Step 2:

If you are lost a hope of getting pregnant then don’t lose hope and meet the specialist right now. To find the root of the problem you and your partner need to undergo some tests taken by fertility experts.

Step 3:

After getting the results of the test and your doctor is suggesting the IVF procedure then do not worry and trust the process. You will take good news back to your home.

What is IVF and what is the procedure of it?

In vitro fertilisation is a process where the doctor will collect the mature eggs from ovaries and he will fertilize by sperm in the lab. The procedure of IVF mentioned below.

  • Stimulation

To check the quality and quantity of the eggs the doctor will do a blood test and ultrasound of the ovaries. The doctor will give you injection two days before the collection of eggs which helps in triggering the maturation of eggs. Then the doctor will collect the eggs by giving you anaesthesia.

  • Sperm production

The doctor will ask your partner to give the sperm as it is going to play a vital role in getting good news.

  • Fertilization

After the collection of eggs and sperm, the doctor will fertilize them in the lab and then the development of embryo will start.

  • Embryo transfer

After two to five days, the doctor will transfer the embryo in the uterus of the women.

  • Embryo freezing

The doctor keeps the extra embryo and store and freezes them for several years. It depends upon the couple whether they want to discard or want to give it to another couple or to the research facility.

  • Pregnancy test

After two weeks of transferring the embryo, the doctor will take a blood test to check whether you are pregnant or not.

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