Importance Of A Diet Chart For Fitness

Only a person who is physically and mentally fit is capable of living his life to the fullest. Physical and mental fitness plays a very important role in your lives. Such people are less prone to illnesses as well. If a person is only fit physically, but not mentally will not be able to function efficiently. Mental fitness can be achieved if you manage to relax your own mind and eliminate stress. Effective ways to do this are by exercising regularly and eating right.


How Can You Become More Physically Fit?

A change in your lifestyle is the first step towards a fit life. By the change, we mean the incorporation of regular exercise routines and healthier eating habits. People are advised to avoid junk food and fizzy drinks, quit smoking and alcohol consumption, etc. getting the right amount of rest is also an important factor in being mentally fit. Sometimes, you may end up paying thousands at a gym hoping that it will keep you motivated. But at the end of the month, you realize that you have been there only twice. Maintaining a healthy eating habit is easier when you follow a diet chart for fitness. The chart will keep you motivated and urge you to follow it.

Where To Start?

The first step is to identify is you are already healthy or obese. If you are obese, find out how much far you are from the optimum levels. This helps you plan your diet chart for fitness. Obesity is prevalent across the globe in huge numbers. According to surveys, more than 100 million people are obese in India.

A Diet Chart To Get Yourself Fit

A simple diet plan that works for most people is given below. Following a diet is important even when you have a fit body as maintaining fitness is as important as developing one.

  • Basic fruits and vegetables: It is advisable to add fruits and vegetables to your diet sufficiently. A person should have at least 300 gms of fruits per day. One may divide this two times a day in the afternoon every day or best suitable times according to personal interests. You may also include 50 gms dry fruits like peanuts, almonds, or simply nuts.
  • Carbs, protein & fat – Your body needs about 60-70% Carbohydrate – rice/roti/cereals etc. This can vary a little as per weight. You also need to make sure that your diet contains proteins, mainly animal proteins like fish (5 days) & chicken (2 days in a week – 75 gms each) & egg daily either at breakfast or at dinner.
  • Mid-day snacks – Consume green tea as it is said to increase fat burning and also improves physical performance. You may include one citrus & one other fruit in this portion. Good quality plain veg (3 days) & non-veg (3 days) soup should be consumed as an appetizer, at around 11 am. Soup or stew can also be taken in the evening around 8 pm according to your convenience.
  • Lunch – You should make sure to always consume a balanced combination of carbohydrate + protein + fat for your lunch. The portions of each have to choose as per your weight and goal.
  • Mid-afternoon snacks – You may have fruits when you feel hungry mid-day. This may include papaya/guava or any citrus fruits.
  • Dinner – it is advisable to have a light meal for dinner. It is best to avoid rice at night.
  • Water consumption- This is very important and makes sure you drink enough water whenever you feel thirsty.

Following this diet chart for fitness along with some exercise or yoga can make you a physically and mentally fit individual. Take on the challenge and lead a healthy life!

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