Unless you want to bring in two different or three different vendor names, which is typically not the case, typically just clean one out. And I want to make this too much about, like actual Excel usage, but you clean one out and maybe copy it down or something like that. And then we go to Exxon Mobil one the exact same situation. So go and clean went out, drag it down, and then Normally, you would just go down the list to make sure you don’t have too many of those, again, you wanna like you got this one right here. A good example, you don’t want to load your QuickBooks database with so many duplicate vendors and knowledge on how to zero out retained earnings in QuickBooks. 

So once you actually do the entire cleanup process, what you do is just select just a column that has the vendor names to just this column, and then copy manual transaction, like a check or something like that. If I try to type in, for example, Delta Air, it’s not here. So I have to type delta and type and have the click on Quick add and have to click on vendor and have to click OK. Very long process, especially when I already got a spreadsheet with my vendor names. So the thing for Amazon, for example.

So if I come in here, and I type Amazon, notice that it’s not in my database. So the context I’m trying to build around this is that what I’m trying to achieve is I want to paste it into QuickBooks. So then when I’m gonna enter them in the future, they’re already part of my database, and I don’t have to sit there and create one by one. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna come in here on the top cell, under vendor name, I’m going to right-click, click paste, and it’s going to bring in all my vendor names into the database.

And don’t worry about duplicates, it will let you know what the implications are, don’t stress about them just take on click save changes. And it’s going to go ahead and create all those vendors in batch, and then it will leave a few whichever are duplicated, it will leave them out. And you don’t have to do anything else. At that point, just hit close, and then click No. And that’s it. And now my vendor list is loaded. 

So when I try to create a check, and I type Amazon, notice that both of my Amazon vendors based on the way they were in my spreadsheet are now there. So that’s a super-fast way to save hours and hours of data entry time, hours and hours of data entry time. Okay, so that’s, so that’s the first one just using edit, multiple, again, list, edit multiple, and then we go to the accounting menu, and then we’re going to click on batch enter transactions.

Now, very important before I start getting hate mail, this is only available in QuickBooks accountant edition, or QuickBooks Enterprise Edition. If you have QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier, you must upgrade, okay, if you don’t have those additions, email me call me whatever, I’ll give you a price, I’ll help you by that those additions are kind of expensive. If you go through a reseller, you may be able to get a better price. I’m not promising you anything, but you do you even have to get the account. In addition, if you want to achieve this, now with the accounting division with a batch enter, you basically have two choices, you can have checks or the policy. 

So that means you actually have to literally separate all the processes from your checks. In the case of credit card transactions like this one happens to be a credit card transaction on this one. For some reason, QuickBooks programmed both charges and credits as the same module, so you can actually bring in positive and negative numbers in the credit card charges and credits. But otherwise, if you bring in bank data, you’re gonna have to split up all your checks and all the deposits and bring them in into passes. Now let me go ahead and show you the type of prep work you have to do first normally, first thing you want to do is get rid of information you don’t need like for example post date, I need post date, I’m good to go with Transaction Date, something gets rid of that this type of charge sale, whatever I don’t need that. So now I’m limited to the just transaction date.  

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