Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses

Nowadays, many people are opting for contact lenses. If you want to replace your heavy glasses with contact lenses, then you must consult your doctor. Choosing the right contact lenses is a difficult job, and you need to consider various factors like refractive error, your tolerance power, and how would you properly care your lenses. If you have sensitive eyes, then you cannot wear contact lenses, and you can contact your doctor in this regard. An optometrist can suggest you the best lenses after examination of your eyes. Here, you can find factors that you need to consider while you choose contact lenses.

Key aspects to consider before buying contact lenses:

  • How often will you wear such lenses?

Not everyone is comfortable wearing contact lenses all day long, so you must decide the duration for which you will be wearing the lenses and how comfortable you are wearing them. You can choose soft contact lenses which are suitable for daily uses. But if you want a sharper vision, then you must choose rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Such RGP or GP lenses are suitable for people who are suffering from astigmatism. So, if you have any issue in your cornea, then you must choose such RGP or GP lenses.

  • Maintenance of contact lenses:

You can suffer from severe eye problems after using such contact lenses, and you can suffer from fungal eye infections and corneal ulcers. To avoid such problems, you must take a suggestion from your optometrist. You need to take care of your lenses. If you do not have much time to invest in this maintenance task, then you can go for disposable lenses. These are the soft contact lenses, and you need to discard such lenses after a single-use.

Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
  • Do you want to use your lenses overnight?

If you want to use your contact lenses overnight, then you should choose the best lenses approved by the FDA. You must choose contact lenses that can pass high amounts of oxygen. But, using contact lenses overnight is not a good idea, and you must consult your doctor in this regard.

  • Change your eye colour:

Coloured contact lenses have become exceedingly popular. There are some soft lenses available that can change your eye colour, and you can use such lenses if you have dark eyes. Apart from that, you can find some special contact lenses which are known as theatrical contact lenses or costume contacts. Such lenses can make you look like a vampire. You can use such lenses for Halloween party. But make sure you must choose a pair of properly fitted lens, and you should consult an optometrist if you feel any irritation in your eyes.

  • Bifocal contact lenses:

You can avoid your heavy reading bifocal glasses and use contact lenses for your convenience. Contact lenses with monovision can give clear vision from a good distance, and you can use them for your near vision. If you suffer from presbyopia, then you can try such monovision lenses. It is better to consult an optometrist in this regard because he or she can prescribe the best lenses according to your eyesight.

  • Do you have sensitive eyes?

If you have sensitive or dry eyes, then you cannot wear contact lenses. In this case, you can choose disposable lenses. There are some specific brands available that offer contact lenses for dry eyes, and you can choose their lenses to avoid allergic reactions.

You need to carry your eyeglasses along with your lenses because you have to give proper rest to your eyes, and you should remove your lenses in the night. Contact lenses a are little expensive than eyeglasses, but you can feel comfortable by getting rid of your heavy eyeglasses.

Its always good to take the advice of your eye doctor for wearing contact lenses.

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