Hair vitamins and supplements are selling like hotcakes. With growing pollution and irregular food habits and daily routines, more people suffer from hair thinning and damage. Also, it is widely advertised and now scientifically proven that vitamins are essential for maintaining healthy locks.

Talking about Vitamins, there are a few of them like Vitamin C, Biotin, and Vitamin A, which help prevent hair loss and restore its lost glow and texture. It is not so that these vitamins are only essential for hair as they are equally crucial for other functions of the body, and we consume them in our daily diet.

Celebrity hairstylist Devin Toth says that the essential hair Vitamins for hair-growth aren’t some lab-grown compounds, but they naturally exist. However, there’s less probability that we consume them in the desired amounts through our daily diets. Therefore, experts advise that there’s no harm in supplementing the cost of those vitamins in our bodies.

Vitamins That Are Essential For Hair Growth And How They Work

  • First and foremost, the nutrient which is most useful for hair growth and strength is Vitamin C. Vitamin C creates collagen protein, which is one of the essential components of the hair structure. It also helps in iron absorption by blood, which is another necessary mineral for hair growth. 
  • Biotin or Vitamin H is responsible for making amino acids by reacting with the enzymes. Notably, amino acids are the building blocks of many proteins, such as keratin, which is the building material of our hair. Biotin is considered a necessary hair Vitamin as it is also responsible for the strength and elasticity of the thickest layer of the hair, i.e., cortex, located between the medulla and the hair cuticle.
  • Next is Vitamin B3, which is commonly known as Niacin. Niacin is usually associated with treating high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Still, only a few people know that it maintains the regular blood flow at the scalp, thereby bringing all the necessary nutrients to the hair follicle, keeping the scalp healthy.

Are They Equally Effective In The Form Of Pills?

We have heard several arguments which claim that hair Vitamins are only beneficial in their natural form and not as pills, and it’s high time we bust this myth. The workability of a Vitamin has little to do with its way, and it is scientifically established by a double-blinded study in 2012 on the effectiveness of Viviscal implants. The researchers found that Vitamin supplements worked in a parallel manner as any naturally occurring Vitamin would have worked. 

Therefore, the long-running notion that dietary supplements in the form of Vitamin pills will do little for your hair stands busted, and you can go ahead with the authentic Vitamin supplements.

Method for intake

As mentioned initially, there’s no substitute for a healthy diet, which comprises all the necessary Vitamins and minerals. It will be great if you can take all those nutrients through your regular diet in the recommended proportions. However, people caught in the bustle of work and life find a little time for timely and balanced meals, and it is common for all of us to skip a meal or two, or consume something unhealthy. Well, that’s when you need to supplement your Vitamin needs. Otherwise, if you are determined to take good care of your hair and follow a healthy lifestyle, then you are better than most of us!

Many studies in the field of dermatology have already established the role of hair vitamins, and the best thing about it is that none of those nutrients is scarce, or are present inexpensive food items. One can easily maintain their healthy locks by eating an ample amount of citrus fruits, eggs, leafy green vegetables, etc. Love is in the hair!

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