Take Care of Babies

The care of children is very particular. Some parents don’t know how to take care of babies very well. As a result, children’s resistance is very low and they are particularly vulnerable to epidemic viruses. Therefore, we must learn some basic knowledge of infants and children’s care so that we can Facing the daily care of children easily.

How to Take Care of Babies

Try not to drip

If a child is sick and needs medication, then it must be taken orally or externally. Do not instill infusions. This type of treatment will affect the body of adults and requires caution.

Try to bring your children

Children must bring their own as much as possible to develop good hygiene, work and rest habits, eating habits, etc. Once a bad sign appears, parents can find out and stop it in time.

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Prevent respiratory infections

Children are very susceptible to respiratory diseases. This will lead to colds and fevers. Therefore, we must strengthen prevention. Do not eat sweets frequently. Drinking plenty of water can effectively prevent respiratory diseases.

Do not take medicine randomly when you have a fever

When a child has a fever, parents should determine according to the actual situation. Don’t take the antipyretic as soon as the fever develops. Kumkum Bhagya Instead, observe the child’s condition and measure the child’s temperature. If it exceeds 38.5 degrees, you can take the antipyretic.

Don’t panic when vomiting

The child’s vomiting may be organic, so parents don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes when a child is sick, it is easy to cause vomiting, but don’t panic. This is often caused by imperfect stomach development.

Be careful when your child has a convulsion

If your child has symptoms of convulsions, even if the disease has been cured or the symptoms have been eliminated, you still can’t be careless, Kundali Bhagya because convulsions can easily cause sequelae, such as schizophrenia.

Don’t rush to treat pneumonia

Pneumonia is a very common disease that is not easy to be cured quickly. Parents generally need to give their children a certain recovery time, not as good as about 10 days. Don’t rush to get the child cured immediately.

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