Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer

Breast cancer and its  prevention

One of the first measures to prevent breast cancer is the home auscultation of the breasts.

Currently, breast cancer is the most frequent tumors among the female population, and its survival rate varies depending on the geographical area, being, for example, 80 percent in Sweden or Japan up to 40 percent in countries with income low, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mammograms are one of the most effective procedures for the early diagnosis of this pathology when detecting asymptomatic tumors, but home palpation or auscultation is also a good measure of prevention.

According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), “a program of early detection of breast cancer well organized and completed by patients, should reduce mortality by 20 percent in women over 50 years.”

By ordinary general, the organs are formed by cells that are divided in an orderly manner to replace the aged or dead and each cell has a series of control mechanisms that regulate this process. When these mechanisms are altered, the division becomes uncontrolled, which produces a tumor.

In the case of breast cancer, it is possible that this tumor is benign and cannot invade other parts of the body, but it is necessary to control its development, both at home and by the specialist.

According to the AECC, there are specific risk factors for which it is necessary to intensify preventive measures, both through self-exploration and through mammography.

Steps to perform breast self-exploration

It is important not to forget that men can also suffer from breast cancer, a pathology that is increasing its incidence in the male group in recent years.

The manifestation of breast cancer in men is similar to that of women, and the difference is that their appearance tends to be delayed ten years longer than in women and, when it comes to focusing a treatment, specialists tend to opt for mastectomy or annihilation of the mammary glands.

About women, the steps to be taken in breast tendering are the following:

  • With the arms hanging on both sides of the body, it should be observed if the breasts have the general appearance and size.
  • Placing the hands behind the head, the second step is to observe the nipples, looking for some abnormal secretion of clear liquid, milky or bloody.
  • Afterward, the arms should be stretched upwards to see if there is any difference in the size or shape of both breasts, in addition to observing if there are lumps in the armpits.

When the vertical examination is completed, the patient lies on a flat surface, placing the arm on the same side behind the head and resting the head on a pillow. It should be palpated with the fingertips, pressing the breast with circular movements and starting from the area farthest from the nipple.

Many times, specialists recommend carrying out this exploration in the shower since the skin is more slippery and it is easier to detect possible protuberances.

 Prevent breast cancer

According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is not a pathology that can be prevented. However, there are recent studies in which it has been shown that the risk of suffering from it can be reduced by performing physical exercise on a regular basis (at least four hours per week).

In addition to physical activity, opting for healthy foods and control over alcohol consumption can help reduce the chances of obesity or overweight, which could reduce the incidence of breast cancer in the long term.

But, although preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer, “these are not enough if early detection is not carried out to improving the prognosis and survival of this pathology, especially in countries with low incomes, “adds the World Health Organization.

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