It is quite easy for people to judge others who do not go to the gym or yoga. Even if you do not judge them, a healthy and diet conscious person will always wonder why a certain man or woman is not working out? But the truth is that when you put yourself into their shoes, their reasons for not working out do not seem so far-fetched. For instance, when you are new to the gym, and you see a trainer and other fairly fit people working out, you start losing motivation. Or going on a rigorous diet and not including any of your favorite dishes can also discourage you from eating.

Thus, losing motivation to workout is given, and it can happen to anyone. However, if you are one person who loves going to the gym and eating delicious but healthy food, you can uplift and inspire others to do the same. You are here because you either wish to motivate others or yourself. In any case, these tips will help you because you have the willpower to be healthy and better.

Tips to motivate others

  1. Start with small changes

If you are looking to motivate others to workout or even yourself, do start with small changes. You cannot wish to inspire them with a full-on cardio class, especially if they are reluctant. However, if you start small, the changes will stick better. So, instead of taking them to an aerobics class with high-intensity, maybe take them on a walk. Switch it up to jogging after a while and keep making small changes till they find the inspiration to go to a gym or yoga studio.

The same idea works with diet. If you want to stick to a healthy diet, cutting all processed or sugary or snacks in one go will not work. Do it gradually and see better changes.

  1. Have a frank conversation about fitness goals

When you ask them about their fitness goals, have a frank conversation with them about yours too. Inspire them with your goals and how challenging it was to reach it. Be real about your talks and try to understand the issues that they are facing and aid them in working through it.

  1. Provide them with a meal plan or calendar

I do not believe in dieting, but I believe in eating healthy food and a balanced diet. That helped me lose tons of weight, and planning my meals is a great way to keep it in check. So, if you do the same and your friend or family member or colleague asks for a meal plan, share yours. Use an online planning tool like Canva to create a diet plan that you follow every day.

  1. Meet the person at the point where they are at in their fitness journey

If you are trying to motivate someone to stay fit, you have to meet them at a point where they are ready to begin that journey. It can take a lot of directions. For instance, they may like to work out at home as they are not comfortable going to the gym. So, instead of forcing them for heavy gym exercises, get them started with cardio or aerobics which they can do in the comfort of their home.

It will take a bit of sacrifice on your part, especially if your time clashes. But if you are interested in helping your loved one get fitter, meet them where they want to meet.

  1. Motivate them using something that drives them

If your friend wants to fit into a sexy black dress, but has some extra weight, use it as leverage. It will drive her to get into the workout and will motivate her. Once people start seeing results, they will find it in themselves to continue working out.

Figuring out what drives your loved ones, like the competition is a healthy way to keep them motivated towards their fitness journey.

  1. Create YouTube workout videos

Also, you can share your fitness goals and tips with everyone out there through YouTube videos. It will be motivating for people who are trying to lose weight to hear a success story and get how you motivate yourself daily to workout.

If you do post a YouTube video, make sure to add an outro to it. The outro will ensure that you can add CTAs like links to your blog or diet plan and it also helps to engage people. Creating an outro is a matter of minutes if you use an exceptional outro making tool.

These tips are fruitful for all. So, use them and maintain a healthy routine always. Stay fit and stay happy!


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