All of us, at some point in our life, have felt low or depressed. During such testing times, where everyone is decked in this pandemic and is following all the necessary actions like sanitizing our hands, maintaining social distance, and wearing masks almost every time we step out. Each one of us needs to keep our mental and physical health fit. We need to create and live in an atmosphere that is healthy for our well-being and suitable for our growth. To keep ourselves sane and going, there are a few things we need to keep in mind. Here, in this article, we will help you with some tips on your mental health and physical health to keep all your stress and problems at bay.

5 Tips on de-stressing your mind:

#1 Meditation and Yoga

Now, meditation is an art which not only helps in relaxing your mind, it also helps in calming your body. Meditation can be performed early in the morning, let’s say from seven to eight, one dedicated hour of meditation should suffice for a healthy being, or if you are busy in the morning and have a hectic schedule you can also choose the evening slot to practice meditation.

However, getting up early in the morning for yoga will not only do wonders for your body, it will also help you in waking up early in the morning and have a good routine. The energy generated through regular meditation gradually enters your body like a calming agent and helps to nullify stress occupying space in your mind and body. Your lost interest in yourself and your surroundings get revived with time.

#2 Work-out

Another very interesting technique to de-stress your mind and body is to work out. Hitting the gym does not only help in diffusing your worries and problems, but it also helps you gain strength physically and mentally. You can vent all you want within the four walls of a gym or even your house if you have the right equipment to work out. At times we find ourselves worrying and stressing over our weight, for those extra ounces of flesh on our body. Working out will not only keep us healthy and check on our calories, but it will also keep our stress at bay. That one hour in a gym or during a workout can help in detoxifying the stress of one whole day.

#3 Socialise

It happens so often that we forget to talk to ourselves and our loved ones because we have tucked ourselves so tight at work. Know that it is very important to keep a tab on what your friends are up to and maybe give in to a little gossip and catch up with everyone’s life. This way you are not only de-stressing yourself from your hectic schedule, but you are also taking out time for yourself and your friends and family. Understand that it is not just important to stay in close contact with your loved one it is equally important to stay in close contact with yourself.

If possible try and make notes of day-to-day feelings, for example, you woke up today and what was the feeling you first felt in the morning, and when you went to bed, what feeling you took with yourself to your pillow. All of these little details can help you greatly in understanding yourself and clearing all your doubts within, giving you better clarity on life.

#4 Focus on your interests

If you find yourself surrounded by self-doubt or problems that cannot be tackled at once, you can always take a little time off your schedule for creativity. You can choose to focus your interest on something you have always wanted to. Some people find it relaxing to cook, some find it soothing to paint some, some find it serene to pen down their thoughts or poems, depending on their mood and style of writing.

These are certain ideas you can put to play. You are your best judge so you can understand where your interest lies and take up on that interest and polish it further in this little off time. If you feel that your earlier hobbies do not interest you anymore, you can always try and develop new interests. For example, you can try taking swimming lessons, you can try cooking new dishes, you can try watching films or even scribble your tiniest of thoughts on a piece of paper. These are certain ways to keep your mind engaged healthily and stop it from clogging.

#5 Go on a vacation

Nothing absolutely can be as detoxifying as a vacation. A short vacation would not harm anyone. After this pandemic is over and normal life is restored, you can always go on a vacation with your partner or family or even alone to relive yourself, to freshen up your spirits, to strengthen and to recapitulate life in its bliss. Forget all your worries when you are on a vacation and let life unfold on you.

Let the charisma of nature soothe that stressed mind of yours. Immerse yourself in the serenity of life around you, feel your lost touch with yourself embrace you again. If you are a mountain person, go to the mountains and look deep into the valleys while you sip your warm cup of coffee. If you are a beach person, go to the beaches and see for yourself how gracefully the horizons merge before your eyes. Let your surrounding sink-in in you and fill those stressful zones with tranquillity.

If nothing mentioned above seems to relieve you of your stress, or your aches, it is advised that you seek professional help to come out of your misery. If your stress gets out of hand or if you feel that none of the activities mentioned above are helping to de-stress you, you can always go ahead and seek help from someone you believe can bring you out of the dark zone or get in touch with a good therapist. In such testing times, people often turn to a therapist or even someone very close to them to save themselves from the pangs of approaching depression.


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