Anonymous writing is a challenging task, and what is even more challenging is choosing an anonymous writing platform. WordPress is one of the best writing platforms and they have recently released an anonymous blogging platform. It is an easy to use platform for all the budding writers, or the writers who prefer to stay anonymous. 

Let’s first see what are some of the advantages of using this platform for your anonymous blogging adventures. The first and foremost reason to choose WordPress is the freedom to express and customize your content as per your needs. Another reason is that WordPress protects your identity and information, keeping your anonymous writing completely anonymous. 

These advantages are lucrative but getting started in WordPress is not easy. So here is a guide that will help you create an anonymous blog using WordPress. 

1.Choosing a Site: There are two types of sites available for you to choose from. and is a hosted site. Whereas is a self-hosted site. Though both the sites have their own advantages, we would recommend you go for It is more secure and safe to use and provides most anonymity to you.  

The next step would be to choose a web hosting site and domain name. We would also recommend going for a Privacy protected domain. It enhances your privacy making your blog IP address untraceable. 

2. Create an Email: Now that you have decided on a host and a domain name, next step is to create a new email ID for your blogs. This email will be used to login in your WordPress account. This email can also be used to tag your blog or reply to people/ your audience. 

This email is extremely crucial when you will create your author’s profile. Add the email account to WordPress administrative email address. This email address is used to send WordPress notification emails.

3.Using a Pen Name: Once your author profile is ready, you would need to add a nickname or a pen name to your profile. This name will be used to sign off your blogs and will be visible to everyone. We would recommend using a name that is unique and different to your name. This step is crucial to protect your privacy. Using a name anyway similar to yours might be a giveaway to your readers. Do not add your real first and last name in the profile, instead use your pen name. 

4.Using a VPN: VPN stands for virtual private network. It protects your identity and secure your internet connection. This is an added step to protect your anonymity. All the internet traffic travels through various servers spread all through the internet. Government and the hackers use these servers to keep a track of your traffic. Hackers especially use the information they get through spying on your traffic to hack into your accounts to commit frauds. 

VPN acts as a network between your computer and the traffic. All the information that you use goes into the VPN and then it is shared to the destination through servers all over the world. This makes it difficult to track your IP address. Though not many people are aware of this advantage, you can use VPN for anything. 

The WordPress also becomes secure once you start using VPN. 

Customization: provides a wide range of customization options to you. You can also pay a small fee and enable highly customizable codes. This will allow you to write your own codes and custom made your website. The amount of customization you will add in your anonymous writings, more the audience will appreciate your effort. Also, we suggest you brand your content well. Use your brand name to create social media accounts for your blog and widen your reach. 

We hope these tips will help you create your own WordPress account with ease. If you like our content, drop us a comment. Happy Blogging!

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