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Substance abuse can cause deadly effects on both your mental and physical conditions. According to the researchers, the reason for most of the deaths caused in America is due to substance misuse and overdose of drugs. 

Severe addiction takes a toll on your mental health condition which causes severe mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and so on. It could give substance abuse causes extremely low self-esteem and it brings you down to a point where you look down upon yourself with self-loathe and it leaves you with psychological wounds. 

In America alone, there are around 15,000 rehabilitation centers available to rescue the addicts from the grip of drug and alcohol addictions. Among the tens of thousands of rehabs providing various types of treatment facilities, it might get confusing for you to choose the best one for you. 

Due to extremely low-self esteem, it is going to be difficult for you to hold on to the hope of recovering from your addictions but the right addiction rehab specialist will make restore your self-esteem and will make the journey tolerable for you.

Sticking to the path of sobriety is as important as starting your journey of being sober, this conscious maintenance of intoxication depends a lot on your addiction rehab specialist


Before diving into the procedures for recognizing the perfect rehab for you, let’s know the types of rehabs that are available to provide you service: 

1. Inpatient Rehab: 

In the Inpatient rehabs, the patients are required to stay under the vigil of addiction rehab specialists 24×7 until the full recovery is attained and all the goals of the patients are achieved. This is comparatively costly than the other rehab systems. The success rate in Inpatient rehab is high.

2. Outpatient Rehab: 

In the Outpatient Rehab, the patient visits the Rehab once a day and undergoes thorough therapy for few hours a day. The addict is allowed to stay at home the rest of the time. The cost is lower than the Inpatient Rehab and the recovery rate is very slow, in this case.  

3. Residential Rehab: 

Here the patient is put into a center which has a casual, nonhospital structure and where the addicts are intensively taken care of. It renders rescue from addiction problems as well as other medical problems which occurred due to substance abuse. 

4. Recovery unit: 

The addicts are allocated a temporary housing where they are therapized by and work under the supervision of addiction rehab specialists where it is mandatory for them to participate in various treatment modules.


Some addiction rehab centers are more appropriate for you than the other so it is important to step into the right one. So, before choosing the rehab for you, consider these factors:

1. Have clarity about your needs:

Before searching for rehabs it is indispensable to know what your exact goals are so that you get specific treatment. You must decide first what kind of a treatment do you need, that is, should the treatment only include addiction recovery or do you need medical assistance in other fields as well? List down your expectations from the treatment so that you can keep a track of your progress yourself throughout the treatment. 

2. Determine your type of addiction:

Clear determination of the type of addiction you have, that is, whether you have alcohol addiction or drug addiction, will help you search for rehabs more easily and efficiently because this will make you aware of the kind of treatment you need to seek in the rehab which will consequently make the process comparatively simpler.

3. Consult an addiction rehab specialist: 

Discuss your problems candidly with any clinical professional or addiction rehab specialist so that they can give you a proper guidance on which rehabilitation center will suit you the best and will also help you choose the relevant treatment program. 

4. Assess the efficacy of rehab: 

To ensure attainment of success, collect an in-depth information of the rehabs you are deciding to choose, dig deep into the reviews and if possible conduct surveys on the efficiency of the rehabs. This will help you a great deal in estimating the efficacy of rehab. 

5. Research the type of therapies:

While choosing the right rehab for you consider whether the rehab is serving varieties of treatment modules and are providing a personalized treatment structure as per your needs and illness. Also, if you are suffering from extremely low self-esteem and other mental health problems, make sure the rehab you choose also includes psychological services.

6. Thoroughly compare different rehabs: 

After collecting the list of all the rehabs, make a detailed comparison among all of them. Choose the one whose characteristics are aligning with your preferences the most, it is more likely that all your preferences will not be met but after all the assessments and comparisons the facility you choose will surely guide you on the way to recovery.


Self-integrity is one of the important values which will make all your sufferings easier to tolerate. Before starting any therapy or treatment you need to confront your shortcomings and answer the following questions to yourself honestly: 

  1. Why did you start the addiction in the first place? 
  2. What will be your role and responsibility while being in rehab? 
  3. Do you want a break from your regular life? 
  4. Do you want to isolate yourself from negative relationships?
  5. What specific fields do you need help in? 
  6. How can you help yourself to keep progressing effectively? 

The rehab you choose has the power to change your entire life, so make sure you choose it after considering all the factors wisely. The availability of plenty of options might make you feel overwhelmed and confused at the beginning but as you begin to explore options, you will figure it out eventually. 

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