Learning how to blow dry your hair can be a very difficult task and if you don’t know what you are doing, then you could end up causing damage. The key to learning how to blow dry your hair is to start with a good quality head towel or a good towel that has an extension so that you can tie around the base of your head.


Once you have tied your hair into place, the next step is to take a clean blow dryer, but make sure that the one you are using is not very powerful. You will need to be able to blow dry your hair very evenly so that it stays in place.


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You can start by using your hair straightener and using a gentle heat setting, which is usually between a hundred and one hundred and eighty degrees. This will dry your hair at the most appropriate temperature and will ensure that the hair is evenly dry.


When you have finished using your blow dryer, be sure that the towel you used still has your hair tied into it. Take the towel and tie it back up into a pony tail, so that your hair is all tumbling down your back and not in one direction.


If your hair is long and you have curly hair, then it will take a little longer for you to dry it out properly, but once your hair is out, you can use a blow dryer at a lower heat level. Once you have done this, take your hairbrush and gently brush your hair out from the bottom of your head.


For thin hair that tends to frizz, use an iron to do this instead of a blow dryer. A good iron will dry out your hair evenly, leaving no frizzy hair in your wake.


Always take your time with your blow drying your hair. Take your time and try to get the hang of it before you add more chemicals into your hair.


When you learn how to blow dry your hair you will notice that it is much easier and you will not have to worry about damaging your hair any further. By using the right tools and following the correct steps, you will find that you blow dry your hair properly in no time.


There is nothing worse than trying to do your hair when it is dry, so when you are trying to blow dry your hair, you will want to try to do this in a warm, comfortable area where your hair is relaxed. It is best if you can take your hairbrush and use a wide tooth comb to do this.


There are many different ways to do this, and it will help to experiment with different methods until you find the ones that are most comfortable for you. Some people like to use a hairbrush with the hair attached to it, while others prefer to use a comb with their hair attached. There are pros and cons to both.


If you have dry hair, then using a hairbrush will take a bit longer to dry out than it will when you are using a blow dryer, but it will be faster. This means that you will have to do less to achieve the same effect.


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Using a blow dryer on dry hair can cause split ends to become more noticeable and so will you have to blow dry your hair a lot more. Using a comb can help with this as well.


If you are trying to learn how to blow dry your hair, be sure that you follow these simple steps and you will get it down quick and efficiently. The end result will be beautiful hair, not damaged hair, which means less work, less mess and more convenience.

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