How to add and manage your company in QuickBooks


How you can add new users to QuickBooks, and control what they see, this will be important as your company grows and you want to add people to help with tasks, but don’t want everyone to access all areas of QuickBooks.

Manage Users

To begin, click the gear icon, and below your company, select Manage Users. The email and password you used to set up QuickBooks automatically become the master administrator of your company. If you are the master admin, you can access all areas of QuickBooks and can set up other users, including additional admins that also have complete access to QuickBooks and gauge knowledge on how to zero out retained earning n QuickBooks.

Accept customer payments

Click Add User to give someone access to your QuickBooks. The first step is to select a user type. This is important. So let’s explore your choices. In this section, you see users that count towards your user limit. And in this section you see users that do not count towards your user limit reports only users can only log in and look at reports. While time tracking users can only log in to enter their time. You can then view this time on reports, or use it to invoice customers and run payroll. And if you have QuickBooks payments, you can set up people to accept customer payments, but not see anything else.

If you need someone to enter transactions through you’ll set them up as a standard user or company admin, both of these types count towards your user limit company admins can do pretty much anything in your company. So be careful about who you set up as an admin.

When you set up a standard user though, you can restrict their access to certain parts of your company. Let’s set up a new standard user, and click Next, choose what you want the user to see and do and your company files here. You can choose all to let them see and work with nearly everything in the company. Choose none. If you don’t want them to enter any transactions, but you still want them to have some admin functions like managing users or changing company settings, or you can choose limited. With this option, the person can be limited to just sales and customers or purchases and vendors.

Access to vendors QuickBooks

What this user to only have access to vendors QuickBooks lets you know more about what they can and can’t do here. Click Next. Select Yes if you want them to track their time and then choose their name from this list of employees and vendors. Click Add New. If you don’t see their name. Click Next. You can give the user administrative rights on this screen. Our new user doesn’t need any of these things. So click Next.

Set up a password

Now enter the user’s name. And last, enter their email address. Then click Save to confirm your choices QuickBooks sends your new user an email that explains the invitation and guides them to set up a password. After that, they can log in and work in your company file. Just in case they can’t find the email, simply click resend. And if you change your mind, click this drop-down arrow to delete them. So that’s it. Now try to set up some new users to help you share your work in QuickBooks.

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