Laparoscopic Surgery

A laparoscopic surgery refers to a type of surgery involving a small or minimal incision in the patient’s abdomen. It is also called the minimally invasive surgery. Suggested by laparoscopic surgeons in Lucknow for abdominal symptoms including tumours, blockages, unknown internal bleeding, etc. The need for a laparoscopic surgery procedure in females arises for the treatment of fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and pelvic prolapse.

The procedure of such kind of surgery is generally simpler than that of an open cut surgery which involves an inches long incision on the patient’s abdomen. In an open surgery, the hospital stay recovery period and post-surgery symptoms are greater and more prolonged. In comparison to the laparoscopic surgery recovery which is shorter and easier on the patient’s post-surgery health.

Laparoscopic surgery recovery actually depends on the patient’s overall health, type of anaesthesia used and the body’s reaction to surgery procedure.

The laparoscopic surgery involves much smaller scars, which implies a lower risk of side effects and infections. The pain involved is also significantly lower. A laparoscopic surgeon in India hold the view that the recovery differs case by case. A patient’s bodily response to the treatment depends on the extent of surgery required, surgery facilities at the hospital, post-surgery care and many other factors.

The patient is advised to avoid heavy activities such as lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy objects. Extreme care is required in the first few weeks post a laparoscopic surgery. This significantly reduces the chances of hernia. Slight to severe shoulder pain may also follow.

For a personal medical examination and best advice, one must contact a laparoscopic surgeon in Lucknow.

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