In today’s world, there are over 30 million aesthetic cosmetic procedures developed all across the globe. Some of the big players in the cosmetic and dermatology field like USA and South Korea are now taking notice of the rapid growth of top aesthetician dermatologist in Mumbai. The field of cosmetic has come a long way in the short span of just few decades. Out of the million cosmetic procedures being performed across the globe, 83% are actually non-surgical. Meaning that even without the need to put your body under knife you can get rid of undesirable cosmetic problems. There are many procedures that have gained popularity under the aesthetic cosmetology such as liposuction. Blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc. Let us get to know more about aesthetic dermatology and how it can be helpful to you:

Who are aesthetic dermatologists?

Aesthetic dermatologists, also known as aesthetic physicians, are dermatologists that specialise in the field of aesthetic medicine. The major difference between them and plastic surgeons are the type of procedures they perform. Plastic surgeons would usually perform procedures that involve surgery whereas on the other hand, aesthetic dermatologists perform non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures such as botulinum toxin injection, chemical peels, etc. There are many exclusive aesthetic dermatologists now that perform only aesthetic procedures in contrast to general practitioners who see general practice patients as well.

What are the procedures an aesthetic dermatologist has to offer?

There are many types of procedures that good aesthetic dermatologists in Mumbai would perform. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:


One of the most popular treatments asked by many cosmetic patients is undoubtedly Botox treatment. The main purpose of Botox treatment is to lighten or remove your wrinkles or other facial lines. It can also be used to slim the face, sharpen jawlines, make the face skin firmer and lift the nose and even for making the lips perkier.

Hair oxygen

Hair oxygen treatment is basically done to overcome scalp and hair problems such as hair thinning, rough hair texture, etc. It is done with the help of special scalp masks and even proper equipment to support the procedure. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedure done for the betterment of your hair’s health.


Ultherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment which is clinically safe and approved by our medical board. It is performed to lift the skin on our necks, brow or even chin. It helps with betterment of facial lines, wrinkles and such. This treatment uses micro-focused ultrasound to the skin lifting procedures.


Anti-ageing treatments are performed to make the person look more younger and healthier. There are many facial features that can make person look younger like wrinkles, loose skin, dark circles, etc. Anti-ageing treatment is focused on overcoming these problems and make the person look more youthful.

With these procedures, a person can experience their most desirable facial features and also improve their skin’s and body’s health. Visit the best dermatologist to know about your skin’s health.

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