United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists due to its astonishing restaurants, luxurious shopping malls, and much more. Gladly, the medical tourism field has also recorded great advancement that makes UAE an amazing place for unsurpassed medical services as compared to multiple western countries. It provides medical facilitation at a higher price (though never requires you to rob the bank) without compromising the quality standards.

Similarly, people from all over the world prefer Dubai to get outstanding hair transplantation in Dubai cost treatments. Each treatment has a different cost that entirely depends on the technique chosen for graft extraction.

If you are planning about hair treatment in Dubai, then you must know the cost and multiple benefits associated with it.

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The present discussion can ideally resolve all your queries.

Hair Transplantation Cost In Dubai

Factually, Dubai is considered a deluxe city, and which is why the cost of different cosmetic surgery is high here as compared to other countries. Likewise, before visiting Dubai, everyone must know that premium quality services always require some additional cost. So, hair transplantation treatment is also high here (based on various vital factors).

On average, the cost varies from 10,000 AED to 18,000AED. It means a person should have around $5000 for satisfactory hair treatment. Remember, each center has a different cost for each graft so the cost may increase in some cases.

Technique plays an imperative role that determines the ultimate cost of hair transplant. Some of the major technique costs are;

  • The approximate cost of each graft in the FUE technique requires $4.
  • The approximate expense of the DHI technique is around $5 (each graft).
  • On average, you need $3 for biofiber treatment (every time).
  • The approximate cost of hair transplantation for 500 follicles is$3000. It can increase or decrease depending on the requirements of the patients.

Other factors, including the experience of doctor and selection of well-reputed clinic, can significantly change the expenses. Bear in mind, Dubai is famous for its extravagance, but it always provides unsurpassed services.

Hair Transplantation in Dubai: Pros and Cons Associated with It

The major benefits of choosing Dubai for hair treatments are;

  • Most proficient and skilled doctors of Arabs and other countries provide hair treatment.
  • Extraordinary medical care and the best services.
  • Availability of top-quality medical centers
  • The existence of eye-catching serene views in Dubai can bring delight to your medical trips.

Though it is extremely beneficial to visit Dubai for Hair Transplantation, it has some disadvantages including;

  • Higher treatment cost as compared to other countries.
  • The poor humidity and scorching hot weather can harm this treatment.

Final Words

There are infinite reasons to adore Dubai, but the availability of astonishing medical facilities distinguishes the city from others.

Surely, you must have noticed that there are a few disadvantages of choosing Dubai for hair transplantation. So, you can trust the professional and skilled surgeons of Dubai for regrowth of your hair.

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