Everyone loves snacking, especially children. Snacking can come with challenges to keep your teeth healthy. To eat well, you need to plan and select certain types of food to make sure that a healthy snacking is followed. A healthy snacking helps us in cancelling out the effects of acid and stops acid production in the mouth.   

What Is an Unhealthy Snack for Your Teeth? 

Consuming food without keeping an eye on what it contains can prove to be risky for your teeth. Some snacks taste good, but they are high in sugars or carbohydrates. This makes the food acidic and unhealthy for your teeth. Later, if you continue to eat food that is high in sugar, it can lead to more bacteria in your mouth. The sweet is fuel for the bacteria in your mouth. This also causes tooth decay. Therefore, make sure to eat healthy food.  

What Is A Smart Snacking? 

Smart snacking is a wisely chosen snacking style for everyone. It includes choosing the food based on the food type and texture. It is limiting the intake of carbohydrates and processed food that can affect the health of your teeth. If you limit the food that is high in sugar or sticky or chewy, then you also decrease the risk of cavity formation.   

What Are Smart Snack Choices?  

  • Starting with the most important one- food that contains less sugar. To control the intake of more sugar-containing items, you can choose to eat more fruits and vegetables as they contain less sugar and more nutrients. It’s also better than any other processed food.
  • You can include nuts as a food item in your diet as it contains high protein and it’s also low in carbohydrate. 
  • Cheese is also a good choice for a strong tooth. 
  • Choose hard or crunchy food items like celery, carrots to rub against the teeth in such a way that it helps in brushing off the dental plaque (if formed). This way, it also prevents in bacteria formation in the mouth. 
  • You can also eat dried fruits like raisin for nutritional benefit as well as for healthy teeth. 

What Are Some Tips for Healthy Snacking? 

Many oral problems can be avoided if you can prevent cavities. To ensure that you eat healthy: 

  1. Replace candy, soda, chips with food items like apples, yogurt. 
  2. Every time you eat something sticky, rinse your mouth right away brush thoroughly for 2 minutes 
  3. If you can’t brush your teeth after every meal, at least rinse your mouth with water. 
  4. Limit the amount of unhealthy food consumption. For example: Don’t eat too many chips or over-consume soda over a long period. Try to eat less and only for a shorter period.

How Can You Prevent Cavities? 

  1. Use fluoride toothpaste – Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day by using a fluoride toothpaste. 
  2. Floss Properly – Clean all the surfaces in your mouth where your toothbrush can’t reach.
  3. Regular dental checkup – Timely dentist appointment for teeth examination and cleaning. 

Food to Avoid:  

  • Pasta 
  • Citrus Foods 
  • Processed Meat 
  • Bread 
  • High Sugar Carbonated Beverages 
  • Cakes, Biscuits, Bread 
  • Excess Amounts of Sweets and Chocolates 
  • Canned Fruit in Syrup

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