Rhinoplasty or nose job as it is called is a surgery that is performed on the nose to fix deformities of the nose and shape it to look more attractive.

There are various kinds of rhinoplasty procedures available in the market, some of them are non-surgical and are also called liquid nose jobs or liquid rhinoplasty procedures.

These are “lunchtime nose job” procedures because the patient is back to work within a couple of hours of the procedure. They are done to fix minor humps and bumps in the nose or to make the nose appear straighter, smaller or bigger or when it’s drooping down and needs a lift. They are biodegradable, nonpermanent, and usually last up to a few years but very effective and come with minimal risks, pain, and recovery time.

Liquid Rhinoplasty is the procedure where the nose is injected with a liquid filler called hyaluronic acid to make it look more symmetrical and in shape. By fixing the bumps in the shape at certain locations you can actually make it look more shaped, angular, and smaller thus enhancing its beauty.

However, these nose jobs are not permanent and can’t fix all kinds of nose problems. For complex deformities, the customer has to undergo more conventional surgery.

Rhinoplasty procedures involve a thorough discussion with the patient about his goals, medical condition and history, anticipated results, and possible surgical limitations and pre-surgery planning.

The patient is given anesthesia and depending on his case it can be an open or closed nose surgery. Open nose surgery is done when the surgeon needs the best access to upper and middle areas of the nose including cartilage, bone, and skin. The surgeon may require skin grafting, cartilage, or tissue removal or fixing of bone. The nose flap is cut open and the surgeon has more access to inners of the nose thus helping him fixing the nasal tip, septum, bridge bone, and nostril repair.

While the open nose rhinoplasty procedure gives better precision in nose correction, shaping, and cartilage grafting it may leave visible scars and take a longer time for recovery.

Closed nose rhinoplasty involves an incision in nostrils, nasal membranes, and other locations to access various parts of the nose. Although the surgeon has visibility to the inner of the nose the procedure has less visible scarring and recovery times. The surgeons nowadays compensate for the lack of visibility in closed nose surgery with the help of an endoscope.

The patients who have undergone closed nose rhinoplasty faceless trauma during and post-operative surgery and can recover and resume work within days. They are also left with minimal visible scarring after the procedure. Depending on the amount of work required on your nose, the surgeon will decide which rhinoplasty procedure is best for you.

However only choose a qualified and experienced surgeon with lots of positive reviews and testimonials and who is been performing these surgeries regularly. Rhinoplasty procedure done by an inexperienced surgeon can cause serious side effects and permanent damage and you may need revision surgery.

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