Gone are the days when thin eyebrows were the hottest trend, but sadly most of us are still stuck in the past. Factually, it is not by choice, but not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy thick brows. We have to accept this grim reality that we all have tried over-tweezed in high school, but it isn’t the only reason for eyebrows hair loss. Some other main factors are age, chemotherapy & alopecia, etc. However, most of us prefer gel or pencil to make our eyebrows look thick and dark.

Most people also try the serum for eyebrows growth, but none of the serum assures permanent solution. Similarly, Microbladding is also an impermanent solution to fix eyebrows hair fall. It also involves some complicated risks, including allergy and infection or disfigurement.

Gladly, technical advancement has made it convenient for everyone to find the permanent solution to eyebrows hair fall. Yes, we are talking about Eyebrows Hair Transplant here that guarantees natural-looking and everlasting results. Interestingly, most famous actresses, including Meagan Good, have also appreciated the miraculous results of it.

The Concept of Eyebrows Hair Transplant

This procedure is quite similar to hair transplantation surgery. It is an everlasting treatment in which hair is taken from the donor side inserted into the desired area (eyebrows). Generally, two methods are used for this purpose;

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this method, hair from the donor side are transplanted by using multiple techniques;

Robotic Punch

Manual Punch

Powdered Punch

The core advantage of choosing FUE treatment is that it doesn’t cause linear scars and can be cured easily.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

This treatment is quite better and effective than FUE because here in this process, a strip of hair is removed, and hair follicles are transplanted for the growth of new eyebrows. However, it is quite important to consider that FUT treatment requires a noticeable time for proper recovery and evident results.

Are You the Perfect Candidate for Eye-brows Hair Transplant?

Honestly speaking, there are two types of people who want to go for this amazing treatment including;

Those who experience eyebrows hair loss due to over-plucking or traumatic prefer other treatments, including laser hair removal, etc.

Those who can’t grow thick eyebrows due to multiple medical conditions, including chemotherapy, etc.

Nevertheless, these are the MAIN reasons, not the only reasons to opt for an eyebrows hair transplant. Generally, people lose their hair due to unnecessary tattoos, plucking, etc.


One of the core benefits of choosing surgical treatment for your eyebrows is that it not only assures permanent results but guarantees three-dimensional eyebrows as well.

It involves minimum risks and side-effects.

Better and evident results.

Risks & Side-Effects

Local anesthesia makes this treatment less throbbing, but you may experience soreness.

Infection, bleeding, and scares shouldn’t scare you because they are not permanent.

Major Takeaway

Undoubtedly, Eyebrows hair transplant involves some risks and side effects but doesn’t worry as none of them stays longer. Usually, people can’t grow thick eyebrows due to heredity, but it shouldn’t discourage you now. This latest yet effective treatment is a glimmer of hope for everyone who wants thick eyebrows. However, it is suggested to prefer a professional cosmetic surgeon for this treatment to make the entire process easier for you.

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