Eating Tips to Stay Fit during While Working from Home

Work from home is more convenient than in-house work because you do not have pressure to rush to the office on time. You feel less tired, you have flexibility of working, and above all, you work in an environment that suits your personality. Though work from home brings some benefits, it also brings a few challenges.

Even though you create a strict disciplinary environment around you to complete your work, you will still have a lot of distractions. Now you do not have co-workers to distract you, but household chores and Netflix can whittle down your productivity. When you are working from home, you may find yourself torpid. You will easily miss your workout and skip meals.

Eating disorder is one the causes for poor health. COVID19 pandemic has forced you all to work out of house that may not be a suitable option for everyone. One of the significant drawbacks of work from home is it is quite hard to stick to the schedule.

Sometimes you will be munching crackers and potato chips and sometimes you will suddenly realise that you have skipped your meal due to work pressure. Irregularity in following the schedule can take a toll on your health, and this is the most crucial time to take stock of your eating habits.

Avoid sugary drinks

When you were put under the lockdown, you could not step out even to breathe in the fresh air because of spreading cases of coronavirus infection. Long hour sitting often results in gastric problems and acidity. If you struggle to maintain healthy weight, you are highly prone to put on when you are on a sedentary lifestyle, and if you incorporate sugary drinks to your diet, you will deteriorate your health.

Since COVID19 has forced all of you to live a sedentary lifestyle, you should be more careful about your diet. This trend will continue to exist even though the lockdown has been lifted at least until the vaccination comes in. This time you cannot afford to bear the risk of adding up health problems. This is why it is recommended that you should avoid carbonated sugary drinks including fruit juice.

People think that fruit juice are as healthy as whole fruits and start their day by drinking fruit juice. Fruit juice consists of nothing but empty calories. It is high in sugar that will increase the risk of diabetes. Instead of drinking fruit juice, you should eat whole fruits. You will get vitamins, minerals, fibre, and some antioxidants into the bargain.

Instead of carbonated soda drinks, you can also prefer green tea and milk. Though milk consists of lactose, a kind of sugar, it will supply all necessary nutrients to your bones and muscles.

Prepare meals to limit snacking

While you have to spend about eight to none hours completing assigned tasks, it is hard to have left some energy for preparing meal. However, sometimes you shrink from preparing meals as you are tired or you do not feel like doing it because it is monotonous or you get easy alternatives to fill your empty stomach that you skip out on it.

If you feed yourself with snacks all the time, your body will gradually be deficient of nutrients. You should prepare meal in the morning or if it seems hard to get up early in the morning, you should prepare it at a night before.

Keep tabs on calories

When you are working from home, it is easy to forget tracking your calories intake. Since you do not have to follow a strict disciplinary work culture, it is easy for you to keep moving in the kitchen to grab snacks.

Everyone keeps sneaking into the fridge to see what is inside, but you will end up putting on weight if you do not take care of calorie intake. As you are not exercising every day, it becomes more essential to monitor your calorie intake. There are some apps and wearable you can use to get an update about calories intake.

Eat when you are hungry, not when you are being bored

When you take a break from work, it does not mean that you need to snack or have a sugary drink. You should eat when you are hungry. Most of the people eat even if they do not are hunger. They do so just because they are feeling like eating food or getting bored.

Eating when you are not hungry will store extra fat in your body. It will make you feel languid. When you take a break from your work, you should prefer doing work that requires you to be active, for instance, you can do household chores. If you have nothing to do like this, you should take a stretching break. It will ease tension and stiffness in your muscles.

Drink water as much as you can

People are often complaining about dehydration, which is not good for productivity. It will lead to headache, exhaustion, and fatigue. When you are working from home, you do not bother to keep a water bottle next to you as you do in your office because you can get it immediately from the fridge whenever you feel thirsty, but when you are under work pressure, you do not realise the need for drinking water.

According to health experts, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Drinking water is good, but do remember that if you excessively drink water, you will feel more urge to pee and it will lead to tiredness. This is because your body will excrete minerals through urine.

The bottom line

There are some people who are volunteering to support people who are in isolation. If you do not look after yourself, how will you will be able to support your friends and family?

While you know that financial crisis have hit the economy worse and most of the people are working on pay cut, it can be hard to bear additional medical expenditure. Though you can take out guaranteed loans for unemployed in case of a cash shortfall, it does not mean that you will compromise with your health.

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