Many individuals want to reduce their gaining weight as well as to boost their metabolism too. It is not easy to boost the metabolism of those who are heavy weight. Though, a proper diet plan can help you to lose weight and boost metabolism.

A fast metabolism-boosting diet is significant to reduce weight up to 20 pounds within a period of 30 days with healthy nutrients in the body. Eating your meal at some specific intervals may enhance your metabolism. Moreover, an individual is to required to perform at least 3 to 4 exercises, to balance the diet.

How to follow, the diet?

To follow a specific diet plan, an individual needs to stick to a schedule. This diet the plan is disbanded into three stages, which should reiterate weekly for four weeks. Every stage has different food options with balanced exercises.

Stage1 (Monday to Tuesday)

During the first stage of the diet, a person starts the impression relaxed, with worry to release stored fat in the body. Both of these days, a person requires to consume only high glycemic and carb-rich diet with abundant proteins in it. Fruits which are rich in glycemic pears, pineapple, mango on the other hand food which is rich in carb-rich brown rice, brown rice pasta, oatmeal.

At this stage, you are required to consume more Vitamin B and Vitamin C such as lentils, kiwi, beef, orange and turkey. These elements will burn your thyroid glands and also converts sugar into essential energy.

Trained yourself with aerobic exercise.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast Dairy-free mango smoothie
Snacks Pineapple
Lunch Grilled Chicken Breast with wild rice
Snack Strawberries
Dinner Grilled Fish with vegetables
Snack Watermelon


Stage2 (Wednesday to Thursday)

At the 2nd stage, you are supposed to undo fat hoards and build-up muscle mass. Keep the consumption of protein, alkalizing vegetables, non-starchy food, and low carb and fat. High protein food such as beef, fish, turkey, chicken helps you to build up muscle mass. Furthermore, consume vegetables like spinach, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli.

During the 2nd stage, alkalizing vegetables control the acidity in your blood due to which its stimulate liver to acquit fat stores.

Trained yourself with weightlifting exercises.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast Spinach, Mushroom Omelette and Egg white
Snack Turkey Jerky
Lunch Chickenandvegetablesoup
Snack Smoked salmon and cucumbers
Dinner Grilled lean cut lamb satay
Snack Glass of unsweetened milk


Stage3 (Friday to Saturday)

This stage finally keeps a track of your weight losing as well as boosting metabolism. You would likely to wear down nuts, eggs, avocados, seeds, olives, mayonnaise, grapeseed Oil. Moreover, lobster, seaweed, shrimp, coconut oil, also included in the diet to lower down thyroid glands in your body.

Trained your body with yoga or meditation or massage. It helps you to ameliorate anxiety level and refines blood circulation in your body.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast Toast topped with egg tomato and onion
Snack Celery with almond butter
Lunch Chicken salad with tomato and spinach
Snack Homemade guacamole dipped cucumber
Dinner Shrimp with spinach fettuccine
Snack Walnuts


Several supplementary tips for diet

Apart from three stages of the diet, there are additional tips as well for a fast metabolism in your body.

  • Eat five meals per day
  • Eat at a regular interval of 3 to 4 hours
  • After waking up in the morning, consume your first meal within 30 minutes.
  • Pursue the stages with an order
  • Grip the mentioned food of every stage
  • Trained your body according to the stage
  • Measure your body (in pounds) and then drink water half of it every day
  • Try to eat organic food only
  • Consume nitrate-free meat only
  • Follow the plan for a minimum of 28 days
  • Stick to the chart every after six months or one week in a month.

Food to neglect during the diet

There are some food items, that should neglect during the period of diet as it may impair your body and languish you to boost metabolism with supplements. supplementsWe have enlisted some of the products below:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy products
  • Corn
  • Soya
  • Refined sugar
  • Fat-free diet supplements and food
  • The food contains artificial sweeteners
  • Dry fruit
  • Wheat
  • Juice

Important Note:  There are some oddities for vegetarians or vegans about soy, as they can’t eat beef due to which they seek for a stopgap which is soy.  It is deemed to make consumption of three types of soy: Tofu, Tempeh and Edamame. Remember it should be organic, not a nonorganic product.

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