The year 2020 hasn’t been a pleasant experience for each and every one of us. Everything sad and disappointing has been coming up in the news since the very beginning of 2020. Starting with the declaration of Covid 19 to be a pandemic, the devastating effect this pandemic has left on so many people, millions of deaths, natural calamities, etc, everything worse that one can think of has been a part of the year 2020. But however miserable this year has been, one good thing that it has brought in our lives is attention towards good health. 

We were all competing in a race until the pandemic forced us to stop and take a moment to think about what exactly we were running for. We want a good college, good job, luxurious lifestyle and everything amazing, but did you ever think that all this was costing us some very important things, such as health, family, happiness, etc. Yes, the bitter truth is that while being a part of this cut-throat competition we were moving farther away from good health, the warmth of love, and the happiness of being with our family and friends. 

Since this pandemic has been a catalyst in changing our perspective towards our health and our lifestyle choices, it becomes important to gather more knowledge about the health and well being of an individual. Now that we are talking about health and fitness, it would be foolish of us to not talk about our gut health. It goes without saying that the gut health of a person is the deciding factor for his or her overall health status. 

Various packages of full-body tests are available at almost all the laboratories near your house but there is one test that can tell you everything about your gut health. This is nothing else but a colonoscopy. Yes, you read it right. The colonoscopy is the process used for testing whether a person is suffering from any serious colon disease or not. The main test for the detection of colon cancer is a colonoscopy. 

But there are certain hurdles, preventing people from getting a colonoscopy done. These can be stated as:

  • COST: There is a general belief that the process of undertaking colonoscopy is a very costly one. This belief stops people from getting their test done.
  • TIME: Along with the cost, the next main hurdle is the assumption that conducting a colonoscopy is very time-consuming.
  • LACK OF AWARENESS: Another major issue that arises is the lack of awareness about the significance of colonoscopy and how it can save us from some deadly diseases.
  • NOT MET A SPECIALIST YET: A major reason behind the hesitation for getting a colonoscopy done could be that you haven’t met a good gastroenterologist till date.

Well, if these above-stated points are demotivating you from getting a colonoscopy done, then you are at the right place. We understand that there are thousands of people who suffer from a lot of pain all through their life but avoid going for a colonoscopy because of the financial constraints.

Fast Track Colonoscopy is for each and every one of you who has been avoiding this extremely important test because of cost and time concerns. In the fast track colonoscopy, you can save a significant amount of money as you do not have to pay the initial consultation charges for meeting the doctor. In this process, one can directly undergo a colonoscopy depending on your health status. Since you are not going for initial consultation meetings with the doctor, you are also saving a lot of time. These initial meetings tend to postpone your appointment for a colonoscopy, which would now not be the case.

Also, Dr Berookim is the gastroenterologist who is well experienced with colonoscopy. He is the person you would want to contact for all your doubts and inhibitions with respect to colonoscopy. His aim of providing the best service to his patients is definitely one of the reasons behind so many patients showing trust in his abilities. Now that you have found the solution for the problem stopping you from going for the colonoscopy, we believe you would immediately pick up your phone and book an appointment. Good health is now just a phone call away.

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