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As they say ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’ this is true today more than ever as more and more individuals earning a lot and living luxurious lives but at the cost of their physical and mental health.

Most jobs today entail a certain degree of stress. Pressure from superiors, competition with colleagues, one-upmanship, aggression and anger and jealousy are the realities of today’s personal, interpersonal and professional worlds and thus more and more people today are stressed and thus end up ruining their physical, mental and emotional health at the cost of money and success.

It is thus very important to neutralize stress by doing physical exercises like swimming, running, walking and gyming. It is also important to spend time with one’s family and friends and enjoy after work.

Work is becoming an obsession nowadays and the question individuals should ask themselves is ‘Do we work to live or do we live to work?’. Thus you have to get your priorities right and then you will have a balanced and healthy life.

Which Diet is the Secret Behind Healthy Teeth and Gums? – Let’s Find Out

Our mouth is an open window for nutrition, bacteria, and infection. Therefore, every food that we eat has some effect on the health of our teeth and gums. Most people in the world depend on processed food and sugary drinks, which has the potential to eat away the tooth enamel. It is essential to switch […]

Due to current COVID-19 lockdown, unoccupied buildings run the risk of water stagnating and hence growth of Legionella

Building owners need to be vigilant over possibly fatal Legionella at buildings left vacant due to COVID-19. With the current confinement and lockdown, a number of buildings are empty or experiencing minimal occupancy and, as a consequence, domestic water systems within these buildings can potentially become a source of Legionella risk if action, like regular...

What happens if a bone marrow transplant fails?

Despite the best efforts and the support by the medical teams and the family and friends, sometimes the Bone marrow transplants do not work. This could be because the donor cells are not accepted by the body, resulting in the original problem coming back and resulting in a Graft Vs Host disease.  The medical team...

3 Health Advantages Of Orange Juice

3 Health Advantages Of Orange Juice
3 Health Advantages Of Orange Juice Is orange juice healthy? On the face of it, orange juice seems like just a simple, delicious drink we've all enjoyed at some point in our lives. But when we look at the juice nutrition facts, it becomes clear that this tasty beverage is also good for boosting our...

6 Ways Oral Probiotics Are Good for Your Teeth, Heart, and Mental Health

Probiotics are everywhere, they are living on your skin, in your gut, and mouth. These beneficial bacteria help protect your skin and teeth and are responsible for your immune system. However, there are different probiotics which means probiotic supplements also differ.  Oral probiotics are essential for maintaining a balanced and healthy oral microbiome, which can...

Steroids Use: Are they worth it?

fitness and bodybuilding
Commonly known as juice or roids, steroids are similar to natural hormones that are present in your body naturally. Our bodies naturally create these steroids that help in supporting different functions like fighting stress and promoting development and growth. People use a variety of steroids. It is rather common among those who are into fitness...

Good Health, Fitness, and A Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle
Good Health, Fitness, and A Healthy Lifestyle – Key to Happiness & A Great Life Many people believe that happiness comes from wealth while some believe it is the companion of your loved one that brings happiness to your life. Both of these factors are true to a certain extent. However, if you aren’t healthy...

Importance Of A Diet Chart For Fitness

Importance Of A Diet Chart For Fitness Only a person who is physically and mentally fit is capable of living his life to the fullest. Physical and mental fitness plays a very important role in your lives. Such people are less prone to illnesses as well. If a person is only fit physically, but not...

Tips for finding good ENT Clinics around you

ENT Clinics
Tips for finding good ENT Clinics around you ENT Clinics are a very popular thing these days because of the fact that more and more people are suffering from such problems. But ENT facilities require a very fine operation from the specialist. So before choosing an ENT clinic, you must be assured of the fact...

Tips For Choosing The Best Urologist

Tips For Choosing The Best Urologist It is really hard to find the good or even the best urologists this is the prime reason why you need to have the help of the internet. The urologist is specialized doctors who are also known as the genitourinary surgeon. Their main work is to help you have...