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As they say ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’ this is true today more than ever as more and more individuals earning a lot and living luxurious lives but at the cost of their physical and mental health.

Most jobs today entail a certain degree of stress. Pressure from superiors, competition with colleagues, one-upmanship, aggression and anger and jealousy are the realities of today’s personal, interpersonal and professional worlds and thus more and more people today are stressed and thus end up ruining their physical, mental and emotional health at the cost of money and success.

It is thus very important to neutralize stress by doing physical exercises like swimming, running, walking and gyming. It is also important to spend time with one’s family and friends and enjoy after work.

Work is becoming an obsession nowadays and the question individuals should ask themselves is ‘Do we work to live or do we live to work?’. Thus you have to get your priorities right and then you will have a balanced and healthy life.

Essential Things To Consider When Creating Custom Meal Plan

Meal planning is something that everyone should do. However, it is ignored by many. They have a hunch that a customized healthy eating plan is hard to create and the hardest to follow, which is not at all true. Mapping out what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat can help you...

Why wet wipes is a better choice for your hygiene?

wet wipe
Why wet wipe is a better choice for your hygiene? Over the years, wet wipes become popularly known around the world. Nowadays, these are not only used for cleaning the babies after pooping but cleaning adults’ private as well regardless of their age and gender. In fact, these become part of everyday essentials since these...

Tips for Kids for Quick Growing Taller

Tips for Kids for Quick Growing Taller 1
Tips for Kids for Quick Growing Taller Have you always been smaller than your classmates although every person should love his or her height you might be wondering when you will catch up to your friends, every person grows at a different rate depending on factors such as your genes and even how you take...

Successful joint replacement surgery in Pakistan

Successful joint replacement surgery in Pakistan
What is Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan? The human body is a dynamic combination of many synchronizing components. Even if the slightest thing is not there, the whole system will be affected. The human body has a skeleton made up of many bones. These bones are interconnected harmoniously. The wear or tear on one of the...

10 Sleep Apnea Aids

Portrait of woman sleeping in bed by daylight
10 Sleep Apnea Aids To Help You Sleep There are several factors including that of stress, hormonal imbalance, stimulants as well as other things that are brought about the factors behind the lack of sleep. It does affect your concentration, mood as well as productivity when it comes to failing in having a good amount...


LIFE INSURANCE IN THE US Through a life Insurance company, you reach an agreement where you promise to pay regular timely premiums to the insurance company. In return, the company pays a lump sum amount to a nominated beneficiary on the occasion of your death. The lump-sum amount you get can be used for the sustenance...

Food in Type 2 diabetes

Struggling with diabetes
Struggling with diabetes? Adaptation of diet is one of the fundamental treatments for people with type 2 diabetes. Along with the pharmacological treatment and the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis, a diet adapted to diabetes is able to improve and help to normalize the levels of Blood glucose. Although the benefits are clear,...

Avoid the 3 Rooms that Increase your Hypertension

Avoid the 3 Rooms that Increase your Hypertension Recent studies have shown that anxiety or certain culinary techniques can act as a risk factor for hypertension. Controlling it should be part of your plan to keep tension at bay. When we talk about factors that reduce the risk of hypertension, we immediately think about following a...

4 Best Women Fitness Tips For Regular Regime

4 Best Women Fitness Tips For Regular Regime Women Fitness Tips -The body is our temple. In response to the way, we take care of it. The sedentary lifestyle and continuous work stress might have added credit to your account but never to your health. The hard-working women, toiling day and night with passion, need to...

Improve Your Gut Health By Consuming These Healthy foods

Consuming These Healthy foods
Improve Your Gut Health By Consuming These Healthy foods  Excessive eating has been a major cause of many digestion related problems. These issues are not that concerning at start and you might get a temporary fix. Although if you don’t change your dietary habits and keep on consuming the foods that are not good for...

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