Hello friends, today we have a very important topic of Digital World trends. What is Digital Marketing? and digital marketing meaning in Hindi. I, all of you always hear about digital strategy, job, or digital marketing profile. Even many people use the word “Digital Marketer” in front of their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram profile. So we will also know when and how we can become a Digital Marketer.

After connecting to the Internet, every person connects to a New Digital World and he can get everything through the Internet. Which he gets offline.

Such as .. Book, Guide, Products, Services, Business, etc. There are many people who do their jobs/business on the internet through the computer sitting at home and earn money without going to any office for a single day in a year. There are many other services, business, strategy, jobs that we can do through the internet, which has an important feature of “digital marketing”.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an Integrated Marketing Services that is used to attract & convert customers on the Internet. Just like its name is “digital marketing”, so is its work.

Today, it is one of the best mediums to promote a product, service, or business because the ROI (Return on investment) through digital marketing is much more than traditional marketing and whatever digital platform is used. Promotes to do. He has full control over the person who is promoting. Only by using internet marketing techniques, the business understands what kind of product the customer is interested in and that he sees only the kind of product everywhere that the customer needs. This technique is in none other than digital marketing and that is why the most effective method of today’s era is promotion,

In, by using many digital technologies and strategies, you can promote your business through the Internet. In Video – In this video, you have been told completely through video technology what is digital marketing? How it works and how business is taking advantage of it. Without the Digital Marketing technique, no business can be promoted on the Internet. Because everything and Technique on the Internet, which we use, we do Business Reviews, Local Listing,(Yelp, Google, BBB, TrustPilot, Tripadvisor ETC Promotion or Marketing. To Grow online Reputation You Must

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buy fake Trustpilot reviews Digital marketing. Such as social media, blog, affiliate, email marketing, etc.

Type of Digital Marketing :

I have talked about Internet Business before too, but have never talked in detail about all digital marketing strategies. Today we will talk about all kinds of digital marketing strategies.

By the way, the activity on the Internet is part of Internet marketing. But there are some important types of it, which is very important for our business promotion.

There are mainly two types of SEO.

On-Page SEO – Any website has to be corrected according to search engine guidelines such as things like website design, keywords optimization, content optimization, sitemap, meta tags, image optimization.

Off-Page SEO – The technique to improve the website with the help of any other website on the Internet is called Off-Page SEO. Such as Link Building, Guest Posting, Image Submission, etc. These all come under this.

Today’s important way of SEO is to do free promotion on the Internet and through this, today millions of businesses do the business of crores daily and many companies also offer SEO service. Through which that person can promote his business, who is not aware of it.

  1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

SEM is a “Paid” digital marketing technique, with the help of which we can put all search engines (google, bing, yahoo) ad and can bring Paid Traffic to our business, the website from there.

If this question is asked, which is the best way to promote online business? So the answer would be Search engine marketing, which people mainly know by the name of PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. PPC Advertisement is a part of SEM strategy and in it, any business, the website pays money according to every click. We can use PPC advertising on search engines as well as social media websites.

  1. SMM (Social Media Marketing):

A business, the website is promoted on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) using SMM digital marketing techniques. It is also like SEM in a way and Paid promotion has to be done in it too.

If search engine marketing is the most popular for B2B promotion, then social media marketing is the most famous for B2C promotion and if one has to sell the product, then it seems to be a platform today, Facebook and many people in this era social media expert They are earning lakhs of rupees a month by doing jobs.

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