Today’s society gets drawn to different kinds of healthy lifestyle fads that the true meaning of the word “healthy” becomes hard to define at all. This leaves us with a puzzle: are we really practising the right habits here? Well, the thing is that whatever works for some people may not work for the rest of us mainly because our bodies have different levels of tolerances and adaptabilities. 

For instance, we were told that completing an eight-hour sleep would help us perform at the top of our game physically and mentally the following day. While there are people who cannot function well if they don’t get enough sleep, others swear they can work just fine with at least five to six hours per night. Simply put, some habits that we think are healthy might not be doing much good for our health, or worse, could be harmful somehow.  

In this article, we talk about the long-believed “healthy” practices that are not as healthy as we think and that need to be reconsidered or cut out altogether for good according to experts.


If you think getting more hours of sleep than what you need will give you better health results, think again. Just as how chronic sleep deprivation or sleep lacking can cause negative effects on your mental and physical health, continuous oversleeping can also pose risks to a plethora of medical problems including diabetes, heart disease and cognitive impairment. People who need as many as 10 to 12 hours of sleep every night just to feel their best the next day may be suffering from hypersomnia. This condition is characterised by extreme sleepiness even after long stretches of sleep.

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Drinking Energy Drink 

Energy drinks are said to produce sensations of alertness, wakefulness, and productivity. No wonder construction workers, delivery drivers and other manual labourers are huge fans of drinking energy drinks during long busy days at work. However, many experts argue that there are a number of health concerns with energy drinks. These are particularly related to excessive caffeine intake, sugar content and sometimes mixing them with alcohol, which we all know can bring harmful effects to the body. 

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Taking Multivitamins Daily 

Shreds of evidence suggest that taking multivitamin supplements as an addition to your diet is not completely convinced to deter the risks of developing chronic diseases. In some cases, vitamins could be harmful if taken in large doses. For a healthier option, try to maintain a healthy diet consisting of foods that contain natural vitamins and fibre elements that supplements don’t have. 

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Eating Granola Bars Instead of Proper Meals

Did you really think that a sugary oatmeal bar would compensate for the amount of food you missed from skipping a decent breakfast meal? FYI: granola bars contain ingredients such as chocolate, oils, and syrups, that may be high in added sugars and fats. If you don’t have enough time for a full-course meal, learn to make proper meals as early as you can for a healthier grub and go

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Cleaning Your Ears

It might sound a bit unhygienic, but experts suggest that we stop cleaning our ears and leave earwax alone. Basically, our earwax is designed to perform cleaning on its own. It naturally lubricates the ear canals in order to protect them from bacteria, fungi, and insects. Plus, cleaning the inside of your ears yourself could increase the risk of intruding into your ear canal. By doing so, you are only increasing the production of wax in your ears. For the sake of hygiene, you can clean the outer skin of your ears with a wet towel after bath.     

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