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Web development is a craft that involves many different technologies. However, part of the responsibility of a web developer is to ensure that the client receives a website that does exactly what he or she wants to do. There is a huge difference between being a web developer and a web designer, although their roles overlap somewhat, web designers will rarely be involved with the actual code that makes up a web site.

Plan website design and functionality

It takes a while for the web developer to actually start writing the code that makes up the website. When you get a contract for a web project there is a lot of planning and analysis that needs to be done. Usually the website needs to work in a certain way for the customer. Estimating how long this will take depends on the project manager and his development team.

At this stage the web designer will probably take part to ensure that the design works with the needs of the customers. In fact, the requirements will include details about how the customer wants the web site to appear.

Create business logic as specified by customer

Once the planning and analysis phase is complete, the web developer will start developing the website. It often includes HTML, JavaScript and CSS and server side technologies such as PHP and. Works with both client side technology as a net.

A good web developer needs to be proficient in many technologies. There is no such thing as authentic HTML developer!

Knowing what tools need to be used for each part of the website for project success.

Implement web design

You might think that when a web developer starts working on developing a web site, a web designer starts implementing the web site. Although they often work together, it is usually the web developer who is given the responsibility of implementing the web design on the web site.

It criticizes web designers and web developers working together!


Part of the web development project is that the test is the most important and often neglected most website.

This says that the web developer should not be responsible for testing the web site. It is critically important that it is tested by someone who is not involved in the actual development of the website.

Believe it or not – these 4 stages are often at the same time. Iterative development has become increasingly popular, which means that parts of the website will probably be tested while other parts of the site are still under development.

Modern web development involves many different tasks, but it all starts with the basics.

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