MBBS from the Philippines
MBBS from the Philippines
  1. Degree of MBBS from the Philippines

The degree of MBBS from the Philippines is also called as MD.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from the Philippines

There are three parts in which this bachelor’s degree in medicine is divided into the Philippines.

  1. Parts of Bachelor’s Medical Degree

The 3 parts are BS (Bachelor of Surgery), MD (Doctor of Medicine), and internship.

  1. Total Duration of MBBS in the Philippines

The total duration of study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students happens to be 6 years.

  1. Degree Is Approved by IMED, WHO, and ECFMG

Universities offering the degree in the Philippines are approved by organizations like IMED (International Medical Education Directory), WHO (World Health Organisation), and ECFMG (the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

  1. Pursuing their Graduation in the Philippines

The students after pursuing their graduation in the Philippines are also eligible to give the international exam called USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination).

  1. Prestigious Degree for Making a Great Career

MBBS in the Philippines is a prestigious degree for making a great career.

  1. Thousands of Students of International Background

The Philippines get around 8000 students of international background almost every year. It is not a small number.

  1. Importance of the Degree Provided by the Universities

It proves the international importance of the degree provided by the universities in the Philippines.

  1. In the Philippines Maximum Number of Indian Students

The Philippines is also one of the countries that receive the maximum number of Indian students.

  1. Easy to Adopt Geographical and Climatic Conditions

It is a country that it is easy to be adopted by the students of different types of countries that have different geographical and climatic conditions.

  1. Best Climatic Conditions Whole the Year

The Philippines is one of the countries that offer the best climatic conditions.

  1. Place Offers Very Great Things

This is an important point because even if a place offers very great things.

  1. Little Difficult to Survive If Climate Is Not Favorable

But if the climate of the place is not favorable, it is very difficult to survive over there.

  1. The Philippines Is Countries that Have a Temperate Climate

It is particularly good for the students who you are from countries that have a temperate climate.

  1. Comparatively Similar to Indian Climatic

It is comparatively similar to Indian climatic conditions.

  1. Student Is Adjust Over There Easily

Therefore the students of India can adjust over there easily.

  1. MBBS Course Provided in the English Medium

The degree of MBBS is provided by medical universities in the English medium.

  1. English as the Primary or Secondary Language

Many countries in the world have English as the primary or secondary language.

  1. English Is Most Important Means of Communication

Everybody knows that language is the most important means of communication.

  1. Very Complicated and Time-Consuming Procedure

Many universities providing MBBS in the world required a very complicated and time-consuming procedure.

  1. Procedure to Apply for the Scholarship

The procedure to apply for the scholarship is also very time-taking and sometimes some kind of discrimination is also noticed.

  1. The Philippines has the Least Number of Complications in Admission

The Philippines is one of the countries that offer medical education with the least number of complications in the admission procedure.

  1. Colleges and Universities Approved by the MCI

The medical colleges and Universities in the Philippines are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. MCI Is the Entity Regulates from a Foreign Country

The MCI (Medical Council of India) is the entity that regulates MBBS from a foreign country.

  1. Universities Based on Certain Important Standards

It approves the universities of foreign countries based on certain important standards.

  1. Conducts a Screening Test for the Students

It also conducts a screening test for the students when they come back after completing their graduation.

  1. Screening Test Is Important for Practice

The screening test is important for practice in India.

  1. Philippines Is Most Affordable MBBS Degree

MBBS in abroad from the Philippines is one of the most affordable degrees.

  1. Cost of Accommodation in the Philippines Is Very Affordable

The cost of accommodation in the Philippines is also affordable for most of the students who are from middle-class families.

  1. Very Affordable to Stay in the Philippines for Middle-Class

Most of the students in the world are actually from middle-class families only.

  1. The Philippines Is the Best Choice

Therefore, the Philippines is the best choice for many of them.

  1. Expenses on Their Own Without Being Dependent

Most of the students go to the Philippines and take up a job and start paying their expenses.

  1. Without Dependent on Their Parents

On their own without being dependent on their parents.

  1. Makes Financially Dependent

This makes them financially dependent also.

  1. Other Destination than the Philippines

Study MBBS in Georgia is another best option for Indian students after the Philippines.

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