arthritic foot care Houston

Arthritis causes its patients discomfort and pain, but there are arthritic foot care tips to relieve severe symptoms. Arthritis is a difficult condition to live with; if you are seeking treatment, you have found the best arthritic foot care Houston can offer.

  • Ice application to the inflamed joint helps it feel better overall.
  • Use contrast baths with two buckets: one with cold water and the other with warm water. Alternate dipping the affected foot between the two buckets every 30 seconds for 5 minutes. Avoid boiling or freezing water because it could damage the foot.
  • Since the feet are most affected, it is crucial to wear the right footwear to relieve the feet of arthritis pressure. With osteoarthritis, it is the degeneration of the cartilage wider shoes are necessary. Avoid pointed and high-heeled because it puts unnecessary pressure on the feet. The spur formed causes pressure on adjacent nerves causing a burning sensation on the toes and foot. Avoid tying shoes tightly.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints of the ball to the foot with the bone pushing against the bottom of the foot. Have shoes that have a bar of leather attached to the bottom of the shoe behind the arch. This displaces the pressure of the ball to the middle of the foot. Box-toed shoes will give the foot comfort. Avoid nodules for abrasion of shoes, however, you can cut into the shoes at the point of nodules for relief.
    • If you are affected by gout which causes hard deposits that cause lumps at the base of the big toe, wide styled shoes are best for you.

The foot doctor, who is a specialist in arthritis Houston will take time to examine your shoes for signs of deformity such as the shoe leaning on one side and the alignment of the shoe. It is a very part of examination which tells a history of the foot, knee, ankle, and hip pains you might be experiencing. Most arthritis patients prefer wearing running shoes because they are comfortable and improve the function of the foot affected by arthritis. Always try out the shoes and walk around before purchasing.

  • Ensure you maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy and being involved in active physical activity that could help you lose weight. Overweight is a risk factor for arthritis and maintaining a healthy weight will lead to the reduction of acceleration of the disease.
  • Do specific joint exercises that will protect the joints from injuries. This helps the joints maintain flexibility and avoid stiffness of the joints.
  • Ensure that your worksite has enough space and free of fall hazards. It should not limit or strain the physical ability of the feet to avoid further musculoskeletal disorders.

There are many other factors that you cannot take care of such as your age, your gender, and genetically inherited traits that develop certain types of arthritis. However, with arthritic foot care, if you notice that your joints are red, warm, or swollen it might be an infection and you should consult a podiatrist immediately.

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